Samsung Galaxy Tab Features

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The new Galaxy Tab™ from Samsung provides you lot of life easy making options such as it connects you with the media you desire for and let you stay in touch with anybody, whenever you desire for. It’s compacted and lighter in weight; you can remain in contact with your buddies, family members or more and get pleased with the option of 3G connectivity, 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi or the Technology of Wireless Bluetooth 3.0. And with that the existence of battery is at least 13 hours* and a solid video display of TFT-LCD, with the options of this Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 7.0 you are always free to do what  you want to do Keep in touch with the people, get daily updated, and have fun.

According with its presentation and Performance it’s just marvelous and superb, it’s heavy in its Quality and performance and light in weight.08_24_23_926_file

The Galaxy Tab from Samsung weighted up to 13.58-ounce, 7-inch tablet that can be effortlessly fix it to some pouch or pocket. A fundamental SWYPE™ and QWERTY keyboard machinery made it easier for the purpose of text messages or e-mail and the typing is every so easy as well on the Tab whichever by applying your both thumbs or by applying the input technology of SWYPE.

The Independency While Using Android™

The Froyo features of Galaxy Tab, the Android™ 2.2 from Google platform, is providing you superb options and performance and speed for internet surfing Websites require Flash Player ® Adobe®. It is totally included with features such as You Tube™ and Google Maps™ and you can find anything from internet, watch your favorite movies, play your favorite songs, and effortlessly download one of the best applications offered on Android Market™.

You can also be keep your self up to date on latest and lots of Social Networking Sites available on the internet

The Galaxy Tab from Samsung gives you authority to open My Space Twitter and Facebook® with ease, so you can have a chance to keep in contact with your relatives and with your buddies.

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