Samsung UE55C8000 3D TV

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A show of electronics for the consumers that had been organised in Las Vegas, introduced the real 3D HDTV’s. Samsung was one of the participants in the show and it showcased a wide range of 3D models. In this article, we will review the new Samsung UE55C8000 TV (55”). This model is 3D ready, which means that the T.V is capable of handling full high definition Blu-ray format and simultaneously the 3d passive format that is going to be included in the Sky World Package.

The look of this 3D TV is very classy and has a very rich definition, right at a time when people had started losing hope in Samsung regarding its designs; it came up with a metallic and silver finishing, and has a protruding transparent glass. In addition, a four legged stand in silver colour is supplied along with it. The main USP of the TV is its 55” solid screen, which has a very thin profile.

Not just the TV, but even the remote has undergone transformation; it has got a trim of glossy silver and is brushed in titanium. The buttons are located under its face, and it won’t be a problem for you to get used to its function. A feedback button has also been made available which would make things easier.

The Samsung UE55C8000 Full HD LED 3D TV has created a lot of troubles for the company because of its size zero. It is due to this fact that the TV is not being able to support The RF jack, D-sub PC jack, Ethernet port etc.  Therefore, Samsung has introduced smaller terminals for its adaptors as a solution. This TV has been refined by the company, so that it can support the multimedia features and take the load and with the 3D menu, the options can be accessed in a much easier way.

This model or series would also allow the user to record various programmes to USB drives from an inbuilt High definition tuner. It does not lag far behind when it comes to multimedia capabilities and credentials. The video and the audio codec that the television supports are MPEG4, JPEG, WMV v9, AC3 AAC, MP3, and DTS etc. In addition, 3D TV can be connected with mobile phones and other devices that have enabled networks. The TV has also developed an online application feature  though it is somewhat similar to last year’s TV. The applications seem shallow, and not very user- friendly. The Blu ray playback is not positive, though it delivers one of the best performances.

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