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For those who are just getting started in marketing their own business online, one of the great challenges is finding ways to create leads and reach out to existing customers who represent the bulk of your profits. One of the best methods that have been working for many years is an email newsletter, SMS message, and web push notification marketing.

Email marketing is still a mainstay of online businesses for the simple reason that it places valuable, informative content in the email box of people who are interested in the products or services of a business. Over time, this form of marketing has proven to be highly effective and is still preferred by many businesses over social media posting thanks to its effectiveness.

However, choosing the right distribution service is vital to your success. Of the many established companies that let you put out an email, SMS messages, and web push notifications in bulk, SendPulse has garnered a considerable reputation for its services. But does this make SendPulse the best for your needs?



Although SendPulse has only been on the scene for a relatively brief period, it has garnered some major attention from The Next Web, a respected publication in the industry that had SendPulse among the three finalists for its 2016 pitch competition and crowned it one of the best startups for that year as well. Since that time, SendPulse has augmented its services since then to provide more to its customers.

#1. Intuitive Design System: One of the issues with many distribution systems of this nature is that putting the information together in an attractive format can be difficult. SendPulse has streamlined the process so that those new to the system can choose a template, drop in the information, and create a unique message that can be sent through bulk email distribution quickly and easily. You can even add your own templates if you desire.

#2. Customization: Another element that SendPulse adds is the ability to customize the message to each recipient which makes it far more likely that they will open and read what you say. When someone sees their name on the email subject line, it increases the likelihood of the message being opened. Plus, the message is sent at the most opportune time thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) system that considers the profile of the subject and when they are most likely to read a message.

#3. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: One of the most innovative features SendPulse has to offer is machine learning and predictive analysis for a user’s subscriber’s data. The platform creates a user profile and examines the subscriber’s behaviour to determine the best time to send a form of communication and predicts when the subscriber is likely to interact with it. It can even automate email personalization. SendPulse is the only email distribution platform offering this sort of technology.


#4. Low Expense: One of the keys to effective marketing is getting the most out of the money you spend. SendPulse offers very favourable rates compared to the other major distributors and augments their services with the largest quota on the free plan for SMTP service and email distribution with the fewest restrictions on functionality. Plus, you also get free web push notifications which make what SendPulse offers an even better deal.

Of all the marketing distribution systems, SendPulse offers the best combination of services that really makes the right difference for your business needs. It’s simple, easy to use, and highly effective thanks to the many features which make it stand out.

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