Some Windows Tweaks to Make Your Windows Experience Memorable Every Single Time

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Windows is the most widely used operating system and so it is no surprise that people would want to have some Windows tweaks and tricks in their armory. The more Windows tweaks one knows of, the better will be the experience of using Windows. So here are some simple Windows tweaks for your advantage. In previous Windows versions, one would have had to minimize all the windows that were opened on the desktop manually. But in Windows 7, there is a feature called “shake” that will allow the user to keep only the window that he is currently working on open at the click of a button. This feature is aptly named, as the user has to literally shake the window he wants to keep open back and forth till the rest of the windows get minimized. The same can be achieved by pressing down the combination of Windows and Home keys.

Let us now move towards some Windows tweaks that can stop all the annoying warning messages in Windows. The security feature of the UAC or the User Account Control was introduced in Windows Vista and had been a disaster since the users used to get mad at the constant appearance of warning messages. Although this has been improved in Windows 7, here is a simple process to turn it off completely or to reduce its intrusion. First of all, one needs to go to the control panel and from there to “User Accounts and Family Safety”. Then one needs to follow this path: User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings. From there, you can select any one of the four levels of security or protection: Always notify me, Default — Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer, Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer (do not dim my desktop) and Never notify me when. The last option is where the user can turn UAC off completely, something that is not advisable for average users.

Sometimes, the computer can really slow down because of too much CPU usage. This can be taken care of very simply by some Windows tweaks which are valid for all versions of Windows. First of all, one can try the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination. From there, the user can see those applications and process which are currently running on the computer. He can easily delete those ones which are not required. Sometimes, the computer can slow down because of the presence of too many background processes at startup. To delete the unwanted programs at startup, the user must first type msconfig.exe in the Run command option and then individually deselect the unwanted programs from the startup list.

One can also customize the button, Shut Down. One needs to right click on the button and then go to Properties. One then needs to click and activate the drop-down menu from the “Power button action” tab. By default, whenever the shut down button is pressed, the computer is turned off but using this tweak, one can change the default action to something other than turning off, like restarting or enabling standby mode etc.

So, I hope with these simple windows 7 tweaks you’ll get a better working and better looking PC that you always wanted. Try them right now!

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