The Differences Between Business Laptops and Normal Laptops

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New computer products are being developed and released all the time, and understanding what new terms refer to can be confusing! Now there are ultrabooks, tablets, laptops and business laptops; all terms that essentially refer to personal computing devices. However, the main difference in these devices is that each one is designed for a specific use. Even though they may have similarities in several features, they are not the same products.

Without checking out business laptops carefully, you may not be able to notice the differences that they have with traditional, consumer laptops. However, the two devices not only have differences in their hardware components, they will have different physical dimensions as well. Business laptops are designed to be used in a business environment, naturally. That means this type of laptop is designed to be used by a person who is on the go and setting up and moving the laptop all the time. This laptop has to be reliable and efficient with fast processing abilities, as no one has time to waste in today’s business environment.

Perhaps the biggest change in terms of components is the new solid-state hard drives, referred to as SSD for short. These new drives do not have any moving parts like they did in the past, allowing them to process information quicker and more reliably, as they are less prone to being damaged. When laptops are running, you really aren’t suppose to move them as the moving parts can be easily damaged causing major problems. If you are constantly working with others who need to see what you are doing, chances are you will be moving and passing your computer around a room. This is not the time you want to encounter a problem!

Business laptops are also fitted with webcams that can be used for videoconferencing. The other hardware components that you are able to get from business laptops and not the normal laptops include numerous USB ports, biometric fingerprint reader and built-in 3G Modems among others. Again, these computers are designed to keep up with the fast and furious pace of today’s business people.

In terms of warranty and service, business laptops are known to have longer durations of standard warranties compared to ‘regular’ laptops. Most traditional laptops are sold with one-year warranties while their business counterparts are able to bear warranties of up to three years. This ensures that the user has a guarantee of using the laptop for a longer period without worrying about repairs and even servicing. It is also an indication of the value and quality manufacturers are putting into their products.

Compared to the normal laptops, business laptops are designed with much greater focus on durability. They are constructed with a heavier metal casing compared to consumer laptops that are designed with plastic casings. They are also enhanced with shock resistant features complete with different designs that are semi-rugged to protect themselves in any case they ‘meet’ the ground. Even the keyboards and switches are designed to ensure that they are able to withstand the effects of accidental spills that can cause damage to the device. In conclusion, business laptops are designed for serious business!

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