The Five Best Things About the HTC Evo 3D

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The HTC Evo 3D has some very obvious advantages for us to review. The device’s 3D capabilities stick out immediately when you use the phone and also just when you look at the phone thanks tothe3D dual-camera on the back. So what are the five best things about the Evo 3D?


Well the most obvious and the one that most people will buy the phone for is the 3D ability of the handset. The device can record in 3D as well as allowing playback via its stereoscopic screen. The display offers a larger sweet spot than most and offers excellent ability for displaying stills and recordedvideo in all dimensions. The screen itself is large at 4.3”andwith its ability to display 3D at 720p , it is probably the most impressive screen to date that uses 3D.


The Evo 3D is also very similar to the EVO 4G – a phone that few will get to see outside of the US. The devices share the same 1.2GHz dual core processor which is more than capable in powering either. The fact the phone is 3D capable is great – however it is a super fast phone even without the 3D switched on and is lag free, capable of multitasking and also of playing the more heavy applications.


As we have said the device has a great stereoscopic screen. However, it is also a great screen for just using. It is a great capacitive display that is very accurate and satisfying to use. It is also a 540×960 display which ensures that images are fantastic looking when browsing or when you are watching footage on screen. It can be a little poor in direct sunlight – then again most smartphone displays are.


The other side of the 3D deal is the phone’s camera. This camera is a 3D capable dual lens snapper that can record video at 720p and is also able to take 3D pictures at 5mp. The camera is great when combined with the screen and better again when added to a 3D television. These two together add a little something special; as you can then record your own home movies in glorious 3D and play them back on the big screen.

And Everything Else

The HTC Evo 3D isn’t just a 3D gimmick-phone, though, andis packed withgreat features such as a large 1730m A battery, a 2D frontal camera, and the excellent Android 2.3 with HTC Sense, as well as innumerable other pluses.All of these come together to make the HTC EVO not just a great 3D phone but, perhaps more importantly, a great 2D phone also.

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