The Ipod Evolution

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Ipods have been a while, I’m sure you are aware of it, but did you know the first ones were released six years ago? So, in 2001 the first appearance of the little white marvel, and there have been many different combination there. Check out this lesson in the history of iPod to find some surprising facts.

Ipod: Generation 1 –
While they may have been very capable and effective at the time, the specifications of first-generation iPods pale in comparison to their younger siblings these days. The first had a 5 GB memory standard, which had 1000 songs or so, and that is what led to the famous slogan of Apple, “1000 songs in your pocket.” However, the motto and the iPods themselves seemed quite popular, although the iTunes software was only available to Mac users at this time. Apple has set a good precedent with white boxes, only time would tell if they could build on and expand on.

Ipod: Generation 2 –
The second generation is sometimes known as 1.5 generation due to the fact that the iPod was unchanged in the majority. The only real difference between these and the originals were that the thumb scroll wheel looks more like the mats you see on modern laptops, rather than a real steering wheel you click there, and now supports the PC as a platform to transfer the songs and the media. This would be an important boost in the arm as he opened the iPod to a whole new market …

Ipod: Generation 3 –
This generation is the main responsible for the huge iPod culture we have in the world today. The third generation refining PC support, and for the first time made it possible to access a PC from a common USB cable instead of Firewire interface used previously. Finally, Ipods are accessible to every man, and without the need for specialized equipment or interfaces. It is also worth noting that the third generation was the first to offer truly enormous storage, some of them weighing 20 GB.

Ipod: Generation 4 –
At this point Apple seemed well aware of the extent of their control of the market, and from there I found how to obtain a new permutation or variation on the theme iPod every year or even every few months.
The phrase “1. 000 songs in your pocket “became increasingly clear with the launch of iPod mini, and later, the iPod Nano, two of which were quite small the Nano is less than a quarter of an inch thick and has yet storage capacity of 2 GB. Not only was revolutionary in size, which was also the first iPod to have a real calendar / address book, and you can play games while listening to music.

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Ipod: Generation 5 –
Generation 5 announced the arrival of the iPod video, which does exactly what you imagine, store and play high-quality video on the fly. With a larger screen and huge storage capacity 30GB, video was definitely the way forward for anyone who wanted to go beyond music.

Ipod: Generation 6 –
The latest developments in the evolutionary chain Ipod is really the most impressive. The latest iPod Nano has been released, with storage capacities of 4GB or 8GB, and in less than a quarter of an inch thick, an inch and a half wide and two inches, this is really impressive, especially if considering that is the first iPod to offer truly small video playback series and has built in graphically intensive games to the user to play. A striking and technological marvel.

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