Things that makes iPad a bad deal for you

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Not many people prefer the iPad. There are certain features that make it one of the most despicable devices you can ever possess. Some people compare it to the netbook. But experts believe that the netbook is more comfortable to use that the iPads. Let us look at some of these features and find out the things that make iPad a bad deal for you.

1. Did you notice the bezel in the iPad? It is huge. It makes you put in a command accidentally when you are holding it. This can create a lot of trouble because you may not even realize that you are using the iPad without your knowledge.

2. You cannot multitask with this device. Though it is said to be an alternative for netbooks, you cannot multitask on it. For example, you cannot open your twitter account while using some other application. You cannot even open emails. So this can be quite discouraging for those who are used to multitasking.

3. If you are interested in photography, then this can be a disappointment for you. There is no camera in the iPad. So you cannot indulge in photography or have a video chat.

4. For those who require using the keyboard for a long time, this may not be very comfortable to use. The iPad comes without a physical keypad. You have to be satisfied with the virtual version. It may not be comfortable to use unless you are in a particular position. All you can do is reply to emails or type very little content.

5. It does not support high definition videos and you cannot download movies.

6. The name iPad itself is not suitable for the device. It sounds like the name of some female hygiene product.

7. It does not have the Flash player either. So when you open websites you will see large spaces.

8. Adapters are all around. If you want to plug other devices like a digital camera, you have to sue adapters. It is required even for a USB. This makes the use of the iPad very inconvenient.

9. iPad is not suitable for watching wide screen movies. The 4:3 screen makes the movies dull. Apart from that it does not even support T-Mobile 3G.

10. The iPad can use apps only from the App store. On the other hand, the netbook is totally different because you can install all kinds of software or apps according to your choice. You cannot run a different browser on your iPad.

Though there are several benefits of the iPad, many users are not satisfied with the many features like those mentioned above. It can be used mostly for social networking, web browsing, and as a multimedia device. You can buy this smaller version of the laptop if you want it only for certain tasks and for using light apps.

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