Top 3 Sports Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

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1. 11 Kicks (Free Fantasy Soccer App):

Soccer might not be as big as other sports such as basketball, football and baseball in United States but it has certainly gain an important number of fans over the past few years. For those looking to experience this game in a different much more interactive way this free application might be the thing for you.

The App was created by “Footbo” and allows you to compete against other players in private or public mode. Another great feature is the ability to check in real-time your favorite team’s progress.

The App requires being up-to-date with the latest news about this sport which is often not a problem for the eager soccer fanatics. Fantasy sports applications are a favorite among the sports betting fanatics as they can easily keep track of the latest happenings and have fun at the same time.

2. iShoot Hoops (Basketball App):

For only $0.99 you could enjoy the endless fun of basketball with this great App. The game is quite challenging which makes it addicting to the ambitious player. The price is more than fair for the hundreds of hours of fun that you can get from this carefully designed application.

3. MyTP Snowboarding (Snowboarding App):

The realism of this App along with its extraordinary graphics on 3D is what makes it so popular. The game offers a guaranteed real snowboarding experience with a significant amount of trick-combinations. Some of its features include 3 resorts, 9 missions, 10 snowboards and 3 selectable characters.

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