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Do you own a BlackBerry, an iPhone or any other kind of smart phone device today? It is no longer a secret that easier traveling is now easy to acquire through the various mobile apps available these days. We have filtered through most of the apps out there and have come up with a list of what we have thought of as the most useful for people who are traveling. Whether you are taking it to the road or hitting the skies, here are some tools that we would suggest that can make your trip much smoother.

Real-Time Flight Tracking

Are you experiencing a delay in the airport or would you just like to know where your plane is located? This free app for the iPhone, FlightAware Flight Tracker, lets users track private and commercial planes wherever they are. People can do a search for the flight number and airline name, registration number of the aircraft and its route. Aside from the tracking map which is available in the app to follow flights, users can also see other information about the plane such as altitude and speed.

Itinerary Creation

The TravelTracker of Silverware which costs around $7.99 for the iPhone allows people to combine their own itinerary that they have fully customized such as hotel, car and flight reservations. Information that has been entered will then let the user select from a range of features that are fully customizable; such as sending emails of the itinerary to people and tracking down the expenses. Detailed cruise itinerary options can even be found in the app.

Taxi Hailing on the Go

While you are out and about, people can use the Taxi Magic app for the iPhone and BlackBerry to hail taxis. This kind of service is nationwide and is integrated with taxi service companies throughout major cities. The app allows people to hail a taxi without having to check out the local cab firms or go through confusing directories. After booking a taxi with the mobile device you are using, it is possible to track the location of the cab, so the user can check when their taxi will be arriving. There are over 25 cities being serviced by this app such as Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago.

Travel Vacation Budgeting

Going way over the budget that you have allocated for your vacation can be frustrating once you realize the consequences that brings afterwards. That is why people can now start using the Expense Tracker-Spending to keep track of their finances while they are traveling. This will allow them to make a limitation for their spending in a day, week, month and even a year.

Currency Converter

If you want to know the equivalent of pesos, pounds and yen in dollars, then download Currency today which is free for the iPhone. This app will allow users to check out exchange rates and convert currency instantly. There are over 90 currencies being supported. Over 18 languages are available in the app such as French, Spanish and Japanese.


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