Use Latest SEO Tools to Monitor Your Online Progress

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The rapid advancement in the field of SEO tools has made it quite easier for us to track our progress. Every day a new tool comes up replacing the old one. You have to keep yourself updated to know which is more effective. To ease your job, we have cited some tools in this piece of work so that you can pick up anyone from the list to monitor your progress. Just have a look.

  • Social Media Tool-Topsy: – If you want to find out what your peers tweets on the Twitter, then Topsy is the best choice. It will show you all his tweets and also points out the tweets that have received more responses. So, this tool is powerful enough to give information about the tweets that you require using social media effectively to draw in more customers.
  • Google Alerts: – Probably there is no one who hasn’t heard of this popular tool. It sends you the notification and detects the change. For instance, if you want to know about the latest updates regarding social media, you just have to type the term ‘social media’ in the whitish box and then have to press Enter. After that, it will send emails regarding the updates of the category. By using Google Alerts, you can do keywords monitoring too.
  • SEO Rank Monitor: – Further advancements in SEO Rank Monitor has made it most-loved among its users. Its use helps you to know what the position of your website in different geographical locations on various search engines. Moreover, SEO Rank Monitor lets you compare your ranking with your competitors. It is convenient to use and always give flawless results.
  • Google Keyword Planner: – Keywords play a crucial role in SEO. By using this tool, you will get a long data of keywords which can set a tough competition for you. Apart from this, you can use it to monitor your’s, as well as your rival’s website. You can use this tool only if you have signed up for Adwords which are free.
  • Tool for Keyword research and competitive research: – Are you really worried about your competitors? If ‘yes’, then you should opt for it. You can place this awesome tool on your website to get all information about what your competitors are doing. The most interesting part of this tool is that it is absolutely free of cost.
  • SpyFu: – This user-friendly tool gives you an idea of the targeted keywords of your rival, whether you are searching for AdWords or Organic. To get a complete list of the keywords your rival is using, you just have to type your competitor’s name.
  • Monitor Backlinks: –This latest SEO tool will help you to follow the various backlinks of your rival. It will send emails describing which backlinks receive the highest domains and which have the lowest. Through it you can enjoy finding the links your rivals are scoring.

All these above cited tools are excellent to keep an eye on your rival’s performance. You can use anyone of them to excel in the SEO rankings.

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  1. Thanks for sharing different SEO tools to find out keywords and for managing different SEO activity.I also use keyword planner to find out keywords.but it is littile difficult to short list specific keyword list.

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