VOIP service providers – how to choose

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The world is talking of Voice over Internet protocol we need a good service provider for business.

The VOIP industry is booming and the service providers are in plenty with various attractive schemes. They all have the attractions of low price good connectivity and good voice quality.

These VOIP companies have to reliable as they might suddenly disappear and you might be without communication for that period and your business can really suffer.

While choosing for a VOIP service provider you should observe and survey for the following things:-

  • Check that the internet connection the subscriber has supports VOIP . Most of the time the internet speed is so slow that it does not let the calls through. Do a VOIP speed test and make a few calls to check the compatibility of the speed of the internet and the VOIP.
  • U If you are shifting to a VOIP from the expenses point of view then you, must make an analysis of the facilities your DSL or landline connection is providing you. Check n take your monthly bill and then decide if you want to shift to VOIP.
  • Make a proper research and see which of the VOIP facilities suit you the most and helps you enhance your business.
  • You should check that the service provider gives you a minimum of 30 day guarantee. Read the contract carefully and make sure you know for how long are you making the contract for. You should never go for a service provider who does not give you guarantee. Check the policies of the service provider and make sure he is not making you pay for the equipment if you discontinue the services after the contract period is over.
  • You would be using the DSL mostly for the VOIP services. Make sure that you are not paying for the DSL call services too.
  • Make sure you choose a service provider who lets you retain your old phone number. It is very difficult to change your number again and again and inform all the people related to you
    and your business.
  • The VOIP service will help you enjoy all the facilities of a fancy phone for no cost and some of the feature you would have to pay a lot on the DSL.
  • The VOIP plans have a lot of features quite a few like the cell phones . You need to see that your provider is providing you maximum of these facilities. They are like the Call display, call waiting , call forwarding , voice mail, conference calls, call return, repeat dialing, do not disturb, fax or email, free calls between the VOIP subscribers of the same service provider, unlimited American long distance calls, Web interface Portal.
  • Make sure your service provider gives you the facility to take your VOIP equipment anywhere you go and use it. All you need is a good internet connection.
  • When you take a VOIP connection you would get a number and an area code. You need not take the area code of where you are. You can take the area code of anywhere in America.

Cable companies as VoIP service providers have the ability to bundle voice with high-speed data and digital cable television, and even now running introductory offers all three for 99.00 month in some markets. But be careful, introductory offers end and VoIP plans with cable television companies are some of the most expensive, is to be had.

  • For those who have cable modems, VoIP service providers, the choice is huge. Monthly cost of another broadband, cable companies will come out to install the equipment and rewire every jack in your home. And they’re just a service call. Or pure play VoIP providers offer the lowest rates around, and the quality is usually just as good.

So while looking for VOIP service provider make sure you are careful for the above reasons and are not crooked by the wrong person.

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