Ways to Move All Data to New iPhone & Android Phones

Switching phones is set to be the most joyful vibe among the youth these days. Although transferring those thousands of memorable images, a long list of contacts and some other relevant data is that anxiety which always ruins the happiness of switching from an old to a new phone. Well, take it easy! You are living in the 21st century; along with the series of your phone; the technological methods are also being changed.

Before you start the process, the must and first thing to do is make up a backup of all your data. Not everything is worth being put at risk! Play on the safe side and transport all of the important collection of data on your Google account or in some other personal accounts.

To cater to all our fellows, we will be presenting the ways to transfer data for all kinds of phones; Android to iPhone, and iPhone to iPhone.

Android to iPhone- With Move to iOS

iPhone assists best to its customers, to make the process of transferring data easy and convenient the Apple company has developed an App named, Move to iOS with which users can transport the big data which may include a collection of photos, videos, documents, messages history, bookmarked sites, email accounts, etc. Without being at risk of losing any information or history, a user can pour all of the data via “Move to iOS” to iPhone, iPad, etc.

Lets us make your troubles smoother. Here are the steps to follow while using the app.

1. Get Your Code: Allocate your new iPhone to connect with the Apps and Data display, then choose the option of “Move Data Android” from the given list and tap on the button of “Continue” to receive the ten-digits system code.

2. Make a Connection With Wifi: Connect a wifi network on your Android, then click on the option of “run” available on the Move to iOS app and then tap on the button of “Continue” while being agreed with the provided terms and conditions.

3. Move on Next Step: When you have agreed with the terms and conditions, tap on the given button of “Next” visible on the top of the right side “Find Your Code Screen” section. Then type in the ten-digit code (sent on iPhone) on your old set, i.e. Android.

4. Choose Your Files: Once both of the phones; Android and iPhone have connected with the wifi network then choose the file types which you want to transport from your old set to new one and then tap on “Next” to commence the process.

5. Done and Dusted: When you successfully transfer all of the data, do not forget to click on “Done” in your Android and “Continue” on your new set, i.e. iPhone.

iPhone to iPhone

If you are a loyal customer of the Apple brand, then relax! Your favourite brand has already made and everything highly convenient for its user. Delivering valuable information from iPhone to iPhone is an entirely natural thing to do. A glance at the following steps.

1. Keep Your Phones Together: Put both of your phones in one lane- together! Once the signals get in connection, a window will be pop up on your old set of the phone which will give you an option of making a set with your new phone

2. Pair Your Phones: On your new phone, a new pattern will appear, take a click of that newly patterned display from your old iPhone which involuntarily gets in pair with the new one. After this, your old set of the phone would be indicating you to “finish setup” on your new iPhone.

3. Enter the Code: The passcode which you entered on your previous phone is needed to be entered on the given option of “setting up a biometric ID”, and through this, your iCloud ID will automatically get replicated.

4. Restore Your Data: Now, you can quickly restore your entire data from iCloud or iTunes.

iPhone to Android- via Syncios iOS to Android Data Transfer

Downloading this particular tool- Syncios Data Transfer is the best yet most convenient way to transfer your tons of information from iOS to Android. Just get the tool installed in your system and follow the guided steps. Such tools have only made life easy and fast,

1. Install the Tool: To initiate the process, you need to install the tool on your laptop or PC. Find the cracked installing file on search engines and start downloading your data transfer tool. Don’t worry; the installation would not consume enough time! Do you know? There is one more advantage to downloading this tool; it can even help in backing up the information which can be later recovered on different phones.

2. Connect Your System With Your Phones: Once your tool is ready to support the data transferring process, immediately tap on the pop-up button of “Transfer” apparent in your primary window and then connect your Android and iPhone with it.

3. Select Your Essential Data: Make sure to mark check on all of the stuff which you want to transfer from iPhone to Android. Your contacts, folder of images, messages and all of the information being captured in different Apps can quickly move from your old set to new via the “Syncios iOS Data Transfer” tool.

4. Press the “Copy” Button: After check-marking the various files, press the button “Start Copy”. During the process, your system will show a dialogue which will indicate the names of your records as well as the progress bar; assure not to disconnect your phones from the network.

These are the simplest yet effective ways of transferring data from your old phone to the new phone. We have just comprised all of the scenarios in which our fellows might need our guidance to transport their essential collection of information. Now, instead of stressing about how to transfer data, enjoy using your new device.

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