What Will Come Out After the iPhone

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The iPhone is not forever, but Apple will not say what is next. In fact, Apple’s policy of secrecy is something to be admired. However, it seems likely that the company will release upgrades to their current arsenal rather than come up with something completely different. Different is often not successful for Apple; for example, Apple TVs.

Even More iPhones

Microsoft continues to release new versions of Word. Apple is probably going to upgrade the Mac OS forever. So maybe the iPhone will last forever. Obviously, some things do last a long time, even though sales drop and people puzzle over the differences between versions.

Apple is unlikely to release iPhone 11, but only because that sounds ridiculous. They are more likely to release the iPhone Infinity, Journey or some other fancy but vaguely descriptive word after iPhone. Apple might even release the iPhone under a different name entirely, along with a bunch of upgrades.

Known bugs will be worked out to be replaced by more complicated ones. The phone will become more powerful in general. Its aesthetic appeal will make even the least techie person stop for a glance. And, of course, it will be expensive but have unmatched quality.


The rumors have been confirmed that Apple plans to launch a cloud service. Users can stream music and videos from “the cloud” to enjoy on their Apple products. iCloud is also expected to take over MobileMe’s duties as a storage and syncing program. The unveiling of this service should mean Apple users can eventually sync between their products without so much hassle.

Some experts speculate that Apple can do great things with cloud computing. Others are not so sure. “Apple has gotten the cloud wrong time and time again,” says Mr. Reese, co-founder of the cloud computing service enStratus. He has serious doubts about whether cloud computing will generate the success Apple has had on other projects.

MacBook Upgrades

Apple’s line of computers are being neglected thanks to the iPhone and iPad. They are still some of the best selling computers, but they are stagnant in terms of reportable upgrades. Jeff Bertolucci of PC World predicts Apple will focus on their Macbooks once the iPhone 4 craze dies down.

A refresh of the Macbook Air might appeal to some people more than an iPad 2 or 3. After all, it has a QWERTY keyboard with real keys, and more power than any iPad. “Does the MacBook Air still have a place in the market?” asks Mr. Bertolucci. The answer remains to be seen.

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