Why Has the iPhone 4S Been so Popular?

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Has it really been a month since the death of Steve Jobs and the launch of the iPhone 4S? The phone that originally got a lot of negative press has been proving its critics dead wrong with its sales figures – more than 4 million were shifted in its first weekend and more than 26 million are expected to be sold by the end of the year. So what is it about the iPhone 4S that is so great and that is making so many people rush out to buy one?

Well there are obviously no changes in the form factor of the device and the iPhone 4S is the same weight and shape as the original. It is pretty much identical in its appearance too. The only change made to the outer body has been to move the volume buttons slightly. The more cynical people amongst us would say that this is so people will need to buy new bumper cases – and keep the blossoming iPhone accessory industry ticking over.

However, big changes take place under the bonnet and the phone now comes with an array of new hardware and software features for iPhone lovers to get to grips with. The device is obviously dual core as we are all now well aware, and this has left the phone in a far more prominent position against competitors who have had this power for some time now. The differences in speed are apparent and the new GPU, which offers 7 times the graphical power of the previous phone, is truly a god send. When enjoying games on the iPhone 4S we can see big graphical differences in this field also. The iPhone 4S still has the same Retina screen found on the iPhone 4, but why change a good thing? The iPhone’s screen is probably the best in the business and the only screen that comes close is the Super AMOLED Plus of the Galaxy S2. It is currently the only Retina among the big manufacturers and for detail and zooming in it cannot be touched by anyone else.

The big changes appear in the software of the device and one of the biggest is the advent of Siri. This voice control technology has become very prominent and is revered by all tech lovers, whether for its joke answers or just for its intended use. This could be the first truly practical use of voice control on a phone and is more far reaching than Google voice controls.

The device also comes with a number of other changes through iOS 5. One of the biggest of these is the coming of the iMessage and notification features on the device. These will be very nice practical changes for Apple and are destined to bring some people across from other platforms to the device – from BlackBerry with iMessage and maybe from Android with the new notification system. No, maybe not.

The phone also comes with the iCloud feature. This allows the playback of your iTunes music over the internet once you have a connection. Innovatively you won’t need to upload to the phone as Apple has opted for an iTunes recognition TrackID system, allowing users to play from their data base.

All of these put the iPhone in the frame as the premium of all premium devices now and for a period of time. It is true that the phone is not cheap – but with all the advances made here it is well worth the money.

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