4 Best iPhone 6 Plus Wallets That are Ruling the Market

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Although it is almost impossible to resist the temptation of buying an iPhone 6 plus mobile, yet its bigger screen display makes it unhandy. Are you facing any problem in carrying this big mobile to your office daily safely? We understand your problem, and it is not only you who is facing such a problem, in fact, there are many others who want to get a solution for this. For your sake only, many marketers are today selling various attractive wallet cases which you can use for a lot of reasons. Today, for all the iPhone 6 plus users like you, I am going to share some of the features of the wallet cases so that you can shop for one.

  • Spigen Neo Hybrid Wallet Case: – This wallet case is slim and your iPhone 6 plus mobile will easily get fit into it. The blending of polycarbonate with TPU protects the mobile from all the drops and typical scratches to let your mobile look like a brand new one for many years. All these features have made its buyers consider it as the best case for iPhone 6 plus. If your iPhone 6 plus mobile is black in color, then no other wallet case will suit your mobile as much as this one. You can easily get this mobile from any online store within your budget.
  • Heavy Duty Wallet Case: – Generally, iPhone 6 plus is quite heavy as compared to its other smartphone cousins. Purchasing a Heavy Duty wallet case will safeguard your phone if it slips from your hand accidentally. Actually, its soft cover of TPU inside and the tough shell outside protect this costly mobile from breaking. Contrary to its name- Heavy Duty, it is lightweight to carry and performs all its duty perfectly.
  • iBlason Crystal Clear Wallet Case: – Its anti-slip features enhance your gripping power. The case has been given a scratched free look by using 3H rating premium rating materials. If you carve for a sleek and clear look for your mobile, then you can switch to it as it is the best case for iPhone 6 plus mobile which you have bought a few days ago.
  • Caseen Vivi Wallet Case: – You can call it a clutch as it looks exactly like it. The little cute loop allows you to wear it like a wristlet. It consists of a number of pockets where you can keep all the things you may require while you are out. The clutch’s zippered tote at its backside is perfectly suitable to keep some notes into it. If you are fed up with traditional looks of the wallets and don’t feel comfortable in carrying it into the pocket of your jeans, then opt to Caseen Vivi Clutch. Let’s live a smart and fashionable life by buying this clutch.

Appearance does matter. By buying the right wallet, you are not only enhancing the looks of your mobile but also protecting it from outside dirt and scratches. So, don’t think too much about buying a wallet case for your iPhone because prevention is always better than cure.

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