5 Costly Mistakes When Purchasing a Smartphone

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Nowadays, most people cannot live without checking their smartphones from time to time. In fact, a smartphone is considered to be more of a necessity these days because it can be used for basically any transaction – from communication, shopping, banking and even car bookings and food orders.

Manufacturers are also constantly innovating their smartphone models every year – adding better specs and features that make its functions smoother, easier and more interactive for every user. Most smartphone users and enthusiasts on the other hand also keep tabs on the next best model that the smartphone market can offer.

Getting a new phone each year might seem rad because you are almost always assured that the phone you get is the shiniest, fastest and “better” model out there. However, this is not always true. If you are cautious about spending your money, you need to think things through

before you get hooked onto a new smartphone. Otherwise, you might be making these 5 costly mistakes:

  1. Not looking at the specs.

Buying a new smartphone without looking at the specs is like buying shoes or dresses with a blind eye. You got new stuff to use, but it is not exactly the right fit, nor does its design complement your skin tone and build.

Every type of smartphone has a unique set of specs that can indicate how fast it can process commands, and how much it can store data. Basically, looking at a smartphone’s specs will let you know if you are getting your money’s worth. Is it running on the latest OS version? Does it have enough storage for apps even without an SD card? Is it capable of running several apps without crashing (known by how much RAM it has and what processing chip it uses), and how powerful and long-lasting could the battery be?

Knowing the specs will also avoid you from splurging on a new phone every now and then just because it is the “trendy” one as of the moment. The newest model is not always better than previous models that were released over a year or so. The difference in specs are not that far fetched, the difference just usually lies on design and styling.

So if you want to save money, don’t buy every new phone model that is released every year – wait for the model that can offer a revolutionary feature that can really make a difference in your smartphone usage and is worth the price.

  1. Not waiting for better deals.

New smartphone models are usually introduced at a premium price, but these will eventually go on sale after over a year or so – especially when a new model is coming up. So instead of buying the newest one right away, wait for over a year and buy it once a new model is announced. Again, the differences in specs won’t be that much either, except if the manufacturer is releasing a truly limited edition phone.

You can also wait for special occasions where phones could be offered at a good bargain such as Black Fridays or during the holidays. The point here is to simply wait – it may look good if you are the first one to get your hands on a newly released phone, but it is actually a costly mistake.

  1. Not making enough brand comparisons.

Most of us have brand preferences – some may be Apple loyalists, Samsung loyalists, while some are more OS-focused such as Android loyalists. Apple loyalists and enthusiasts may be hard to convince to review and switch to another brand, considering that the market is filled with Android phones (ranging from brands such as Samsung, LG, Huawei and many more). If you are an Android fan, then the possibility of you being flexible with smartphone brands is high. Many brands offer similar specs with different range in pricing, so it is better to weigh your choices on which can bring you the best bang for your buck.

  1. Not knowing what they ‘want’ from a smartphone.

If you want a smartphone mainly for gaming and streaming movies, then you know that you need a model with a high-powered battery and enough storage for it to be able to accommodate whatever apps and movie files you might download. You should take these considerations seriously, so that you would know what to look for when you are looking at the price and specs. Although new almost always means the fastest, it might not be necessary if you are not that into gaming and other heavy media apps.

Also, if you are into blogging and photography, you should always look at the camera specs. This is the only way to know if a model will take quality pictures, or if it is capable of adjustments in its light sensors, aperture, and capture speed.

  1. Neglecting to put on a protective case/screen protection.

Buying a smartphone without any protective gear such as a phone case and screen protection is risky. You are basically exposing your phone to early signs of wear and tear, and even rapid deterioration. This means that it can easily get scratches and damages with just a slight slip, and it may not last longer than the expected life span. It will not also do well if you are planning to sell your phone after a year or so – these damages can significantly decrease its value.

It is also worth noting that the iPhone X is set to be widely available by 2018 next year. In a typical iPhone fashion, the model is introduced at a high price ($999) – so the question is, will it be worth it?

It may be too early to judge, but as per initial reviews, the iPhone X’s most notable feature compared to its predecessor is the removal of the home button. Users can only unlock the phone through face recognition. Other than that, upgrades in the battery and processing chip are also noted – but are actually not that far-fetched from the latest iPhone 8 too. So, will it be a good decision to buy the upcoming iPhone X upon release, or will it just be a costly mistake?

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