5 Must have FIFA10 Patches for better GamePlay and Experience.

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Various Programmers and Coders around the world are releasing their self coded patches,which can modify the already installed FIFA10 game on your PC just for better Play and better Experience.

Here are 5 Recent Patches that will change the Game :

New great patch that adds the ten missing teams for the next World Cup in South Africa! These are the added teams: Algeria, Chile, Cote D’Ivoire, DPR Korea, Ghana, Honduras, Japan, Nigeria, Serbia, and Slovakia.
You need CM10 in order to install correctly the patch. After you load the cmp file, remember you have to add the teams manually from the menu Leagues -> International (type the name of the team, then click on the “+”.
Here it is a pack of Adidas Jabulani balls, with also the one that will be used in the South Africa World Cup!
They are really perfect and you can install them by Creation Master 10.
Download : HERE!
The Managers photo-patch, that adds the photos of best italian and international managers.
Download : HERE!
Great patch to play finally with Cagliari Calcio full licensed!
This patch adds: logos, kits, mini-kits and flags.


New home kit for Spain, the one they used in South Africa World Cup!
Download : THIS LINK!

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