5 Tips for a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

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PowerPoint is a tool that a lot of businesses use to pitch ideas in the office and to customers and clients. However, giving effective business PowerPoint presentations isn’t something most people can just figure out how to do on their own, especially when dealing with complex material. Use these five tips to help you give the business business PowerPoint presentation that you can.

1. Practice your presentation. If you want a PowerPoint presentation to be successful, you need to have it down pat before you give it. Run through your presentation at least two or three times on different days before you show it to others.

2. Use PowerPoint to back up your presentation, not give it for you. Your voice and information you provide should still be more important than what the slides say. Just use them to reinforce what you’re trying to get across.

3. Tell a story with your presentation. A good PowerPoint presentation should have a beginning, middle and an end. The end is usually going to be the goal you’re trying to achieve for your business.

4. Use charts, graphs and drawings to demonstrate points instead of outlined texts or words next to bullet points. People will understand and remember your information better. They’ll also be more alert during your presentation and feel more moved to follow your action plan.

5. Use various colors to liven up your presentation. It might sound simple, but colors and visual styles keep people interested during a long presentation.

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