A chocolaty future with a chocolate 3D printer

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Have you ever dreamt of a chocolate in 3D structure, with the design exactly like your face? On the other side, your kids must be a great chocolate lover, and how about gifting him chocolates in the shape of their favorite cartoon character or toy. However, now you can think about this possibility. From the University of Exeter, the lead researcher Dr. Liang Hao and his team in association with the software developer Delcam introduced the concept of a chocolate printer.

This appealing machine will basically work on the principle same as any other ordinary printer works. The only difference is the use of chocolate instead of ink used for printing. The whole manufacturing process includes three basic stages:

1) The first stage is initiated with a flat cross sectional figure just like in case of any other normal printer.

2) Second phase includes formation of complete 3-D layer with the use of melted chocolate paste which is to be delivered within machine. Therefore, the only varied factor is use of chocolate instead of normal ink used in ordinary printers.

3) Consequently, in third stage once the produced layer gets solidified, the machine automatically shifts itself to the next layer formation.

This advanced chocolate printer mainly results into a 3D structure formation by ejecting a layer over the other, on a fixed 2 D base. The various key elements are such as maintenance of optimum temperature during printing, availability of definite heating temperature when needed so as to maintain the liquidity of the chocolate. This whole process demands some specialty like first machine needs to wait till the very first layer of chocolate dries up, and then formation of the next layer of chocolate starts.

This unique invention is certainly going to be the most popular machine especially for chocolate and food industries. It is expected in coming time and even if you are less imaginative or creative, you can give your own designs just by doing little modification on some already available. Consequently, the designs can be forwarded to the company and just by pressing the printer key button, your own designed chocolate will be produced, and final creations will be delivered to you. However, it can be said that possibilities of designs are supposed to be unlimited until creative ideas will be delivered. So, at the end, you can gain satisfaction.

It has been said that this particular invention is actually a result of two technologies in the field of engineering. That ultimately leads to developments through commercial medium by flourishing the manufacturing and retail sectors. As a result of it, higher chances of employment and exciting fun ventures can also be enjoyed across the world. It is also expected that it can also raise the possibility of designing other important possessions too.

Eventually, there is no harm to accept that this is an absolutely brilliant invention in the field of chocolate industry. It’s an excellent combination of chocolates with digital technology, which results into a wonderful experience. Hence, this would be successfully able to create a harmless way of producing chocolates. It is also one of the non-polluted and creative mediums of chocolate production. Eventually, this particular process can also be considered as one of the less expensive ways of modish production in modern food industry.

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