A Review of Gmail vs. Yahoo Mail

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Gmail and Yahoo Mail, both the webmail services have been there from the very dawn of the Internet era. With time, these e-mail services have revamped their looks, functionalities as well as features in order to serve the users better and to have a better grip on the net world. Presently Gmail enjoys over 200 million users worldwide; though the Yahoo Mail might fall a bit short in the competition of numbers, but they do not really stand much behind than Gmail in most of the other aspects.

One of the most prominent problems with Yahoo Mail is that the service has slowly shifted most of its unique features to its paid version only; however, the same can also be noticed with a close look to Gmail. A comparative review between these two popular webmail services is presented in the next section of this article:

  1. User Interface: Open your webmail and this is the first page you see, and how they appear at the first look is surely a matter of importance. The layout also has a lot to do with the overall user experience.
  • Yahoo presents a clean and comfortable layout with Inbox, drafts, sent, spam and trash folders clearly labelled on the left. Tabs for contacts, notepad, and calendar are also clearly visible at the top of the left panel.
  • Gmail login page and site not only presents a less intuitive design, but it can also be quite confusing for the beginners. There is no clear tab for Contacts or Calendar and you might need to search lot to find out how you can get to the Chat or Trash folder.
  1. Organization: Organizing your mailbox properly is important in order to keep it clutter free and quick accessible. Let us see how these two webmail services fare in this aspect.
  • The free version of Yahoo mail offers only some very basic organizational options. The service allows the users to sort messages into multiple folders, mark the mails with star or flag, and create folders as per your own requirements.
  • In this aspect, Gmail offers expansive options. The service presents a bunch of tools to keep your mail inbox organized in the most perfect way. The emails can be categorized as per labels, and apart from the existing ones, user can create as much labels as required. Multiple labels can be applied to a single mail thus making it simpler to organize your mailbox. The archiving mail option and the innovative tabbed inbox are surely helpful for organizing your mailbox.
  1. Advertisements: If you are using a free webmail service advertisements are expected to appear in your mailbox, but they should not be intrusive that can cause distraction or can consume time.
  • This is no doubt a strong point of Gmail. In Gmail the advertisements are presented only at a restricted right panel of the mailbox, and they are not obstructive in any way.
  • On the other hand, the free Yahoo Mail presents ads in a really obtrusive way. There is one vertical ad banner on the right, a smaller ad below the folders at the left, and also another ad at the top of the mail box.

Both the webmail services have their pros and cons; you can compare them and opt for the one that matches with your particular requirements.

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