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The OS which is used in all versions of iPhone is different from the normal computer OS. Mobile Operating Systems help the users of mobiles to enjoy a wonderful approach of apps and internet browsing. iOS 7 Apps give updated apps and give the mobile users the best surfing experience. It is developed by Apple and was released on 18th September 2013. Apps update the mobile by giving latest best technical approaches.

The mobile operating system iOS 7 brings the biggest changes in software. New software makes the mobile more user-friendly. The latest apps are available for iOS 7 and make the mobile use even richer and better.


Dropbox is the latest app developed for iOS7. This app supports airdrop. 3.0 versions are feasible with a large amount of new features. Playing videos and launching photos done faster with this app. Apps of iOS 7 can be downloaded for free or by paying.

#Apps related to Media:

Pandora app is moving completely to iOS 7. Old keyboard used in this device even today. Vimeo app looks stylish just as the way its website looks. It has taken the best features of iOS 7 and improved its look in the icons and text that are used. Media apps give the look and feel of watching television. But the experience involved is more than that in reality. The elegant appearance of mobile devices that run on iOS7 is improved with the arrival of new apps.

#Apps that connect users on Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the famous social networking websites. The apps that connect these websites give the best appearance for users. Twitter, Facebook and Twitterific apps enhance the social media browsing experience to user satisfaction. Social networking websites bring people closer, and they can stay in touch with each other around the clock. There is a new section called “Near Me” that shows the apps that are popular in the area of the user.

#iPhone App from Pebble Integrated with iOS7:

The smart watch update of IPhone and iPod works on iOS 7 and is cool with rich functionality around its users. The version of pebble 1.3 versions works well with this app.(

#Kindle App of iOS7:

There are many apps coming their way with iOS7 in which kindle app is significant. This works for collections and iOS is the best area to download and look at note book collections. The view of reading is so clean and readable.(

#Weather app:

All new yahoo app that supports weather app gives the best weather details on iOS7. This app included news alerts and some entertainment news too. This app is made more efficient with animated pictures of gif.(

#CNN App:

CNN app is dedicated in totality to news alerts on iPhones. Some issues were fixed in the preceding iOS6 and now they are deducted for this OS to have hassle-free news all over. This app keeps you connected with the rest of the world with latest happenings around the globe. CNN Live shows are obtainable from this app.(

#Simple note App:

Note making is made extra-ordinary in iOS7. Syncing text with the apps is a hard task, and this is best done in this mobile operating system. Added new features to this app and note making have become easier from the previous iOS6.Drafts app has its own way of cleaner navigation than the previous OS of mobile devices. They need the latest mobile operating system to work. Evernote is beautiful than ever before. It is redesigned entirely from the look and functionality combined.

The world of knowledge is now fitted in the palm with the arrival of latest iOS7. Apps related to note making had become great with the new technical abilities that give rich functionality. With the enhanced note making apps one can enjoy the best part of the articles and other text messages in an extra-ordinary way.(

#eBay app:

eBay is the fascinating online store that can serve the online shoppers the magnificent way. This app also got better design and wonderful approach to make the contents of the store clearer and cleaner. There are many apps one can get at appstore in which some are free apps and some are paid apps. Both try to upgrade the mobile use.(

#Open Table:

This is the best app that is redesigned in its own way to make the appearance great. Large buttons and lay out this app serve the people of ios7 in a way to give them the best experience of market features. This helps you in downloading the required information in the website that you look for with the clarity of picture and function. Filters and dishes add the filtered information to your search on food and dishes. Locations as well as maps are visible on the webpage to make it great in serving the people of order to impress the users, Apple have invented many new apps that give the best functional approach to the users.(


Google Chrome is the best browser to surf internet and the app that sync chrome to the device is exactly elegant as chrome itself. Tough the new Chrome app for iOS7 looks the same but some icons added to magnify the beauty of the internet in the devices powered by iOS7.Mobile operating system supports heavy browsers as well as small browses like opera and other light weight browsers.(


Mail box on iOS7 has got much enhanced than its previous version. Snoozes are enabled with the help of the latest version of iOS makes the appearance and its developers take everything into concern to make the experience of internet more convenient to the users. Though one finds many apps online for the devices that are powered and supported by the iOS7, it is not advisable to download all the apps unnecessarily. One can enjoy the best way with the latest happening and friendly apps he gets at online app stores make them rich in apps. (

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