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Most of us think that nowadays everyone is busy in with their phones, some are talking, some are chatting or others are checking out the new apps on their smartphone. All this leave us no time to go out, interact with others. But the new gaming revolution has changed the scenario. GPS games for android makes you come out of your place and play with others. It is like a modernize version of the evergreen game of “Hide and Seek” which we all use to play.

Top Android GPS Games Are:


It is the Groundspeak’s Official Geocaching App. This game allows you to directly access the geocaches database of The game has an amazing compass in it. It indicates you about the next item in your list. In this game you can leave notes for other players and even can read notes of yours to find items easily and quickly. An addictive game but with small compatibility issues, which might get solved in future.


If you are a scavenger hunts fan, then WhereYouGo is the game for you. It is based on the different kind of virtual “gifts” hidden by other players at different locations. In this you need to download a map on your system and then install it on your game app. It is a race game in which you need to get there before others to win the game.

Tourality GPS Treasure Hunt

This one is the most popular game based on the British TV series.  The game is about city wide scavenger hunt, in which you need to find and reach different checkpoints. This is one of the best android GPS multi player’s game in which upto 40 players can play at a time. The user interface is quite friendly. If you have the paid version of the game then you can access many features, customize games, etc which are not present in the free version.

CYA (Claim Your Area)

Own the biggest area in your city. Yes in this game you can fight with your friends to claim the areas in your city and become the biggest. Start with your city map, build real strategies and claim the area in your city. After claiming the field marked on the map you need to protect it also from other players. In this drones will help you and also you need the resources from your claimed fields which further help you to expand your area. It has the Facebook connectivity in it, with which you can compete with your Facebook friends to claim an area.

Zombie Run

This one is favorite of many.  It is a very simple game which is popular among users of all age groups. In this just fix the difficulty level you need to play. The available ones are:

  • Night of the living Dead
  • Resident Evil
  • 28 Days Later

The difference in them is the speed of zombie moving on the map. This is one of the best Android GPS game around.

These are some fun, exciting and challenging games which are best for outdoor people. If one want to have fun as well as need to stay fit then GPS games is the solution.

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