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Smartphones may not always prove to be smart in all aspects. Sometimes the in-built apps may not perform the way you expect them to. In addition to calling and browsing and sending SMS, smartphones are also substitutes for a digital camera. Many people having own tablets use these for taking photos. Though these photos are not very good quality, certain apps allow the users to take photographs that are better than ordinary.

We shall discuss about apps that can be used by users of tablet and smartphone bought using Amazon offers for improving photographic experience. Apps have been divided as per main features or function.

Filtering and Editing Apps

Photo apps that are used for filtering or/ and editing pictures are quite popular and provide good photos.

1. Instagram

Instagram is the popular choice of many tablet and smartphone users because of its multi functions. Besides letting you take photos and add or filter or add effects, it acts as social network. Photos can be posted or shared with followers and friends easily. Your Instagram account can be connected to Twitter and Facebook accounts. It has standard and custom filters which are easiest to use. Because of these filters you can add special effects to the photos to provide these more depth. You can access Instagram through computer also.

2. Hipstamatic

Square photos are shot using digital photography app Hipstamatic by the iphone users. These photos can be edited for looking rustic to give the impression that these were taken by using antique camera. This has become possible due to software filters and the effects. This app has four lenses, three types of flashes and three kinds of films which you can select from. Always use amazon coupons for getting the best discount on smartphones.

3. Snapseed

This photo app lets the user to edit portion or whole of the picture. It has auto correct function which will improve contrast, brightness, texture, color and other important parts of photograph. You may also select from filters and the effects. You can upload the photos on Google + with Snapseed.

4. Camera +

This is ultimate replacement camera meant for iOS users. Its features will offer you an excellent photographic experience. Focus and Touch Exposure are its exciting features that provide you full control on photograph that you take. Focus and exposure can be adjusted separately. For improving photos, different shooting modes such as point- and- shoot and burst can also be selected.

5. Pudding Camera (Android)

Pudding Camera is the replacement phone apps for Android’s camera featuring eight films and nine quality camera types for use. With these apps you can take photos with varying effects. Using retro film, you can take motion shots and panoramic shot with vintage film. There are no video features in Pudding camera, but is worth trying being free. is the best site for buyers looking for discounts while making smartphone purchases.

6. 360 Panorama (iOS and Android)

With 360 Panorama App you can take panorama shots of favorite sceneries.  Here photos are processed in real time. 360 panoramas allow you to share with social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

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