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I can proudly announce the first-ever browser from India – Epic Browser

Browser with Free Antivirus

Epic Browser – The first ever browser from India has lot of cool built in stuffs and free antivirus scanner for all the downloads and the system with the maturity, security and stability of Mozilla Firefox (It is built upon Firefox). It has also a sidebar with something for almost everybody. There is a word processor, quick facebook icon, task panel and 1500+ free apps. It also has support for all Firefox plugins (10,000+).

Some of its unique features are:

1) Blazing Fast

Built on the latest Mozilla Firefox
Tweaked for Speed
Faster Browsing
Faster Downloads

2) Maximum Security

Built-in Antivirus Scanner: Scan downloads automatically. Scan your system manually. Free.
Malicious Website Warnings: We’ll warn you if you’re about to visit a website known to host viruses or malware.
Anti-Phishing Protection: A big, bolded domain so you know if you’re at or

3) Privacy Options

One-Click Private Data Deletion
One-Click Private Browsing
Flash Cookie Deletion built-in. (the first browser ever to kill them)
No Browsing Reports. We don’t store your browsing or search data. Ever

4) Indian Language Support

Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Gujrati, etc are supported without any language pack

5) Something special for Indians

Latest Film Songs
Live Cricket Scores
News from a Dozen+ Leading Sources
Regional and Hindi Language News
Live TV
Stock Quotes
Even a Daily Joke


We can even use facebook through it in the sidebar….

Links: Download Epic BrowserEpic Browser Homepage

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