Evolution of mobile phones – 1973 to 2016

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The mobile phone was invented in 1973 and since that time has seen changes in its appearance, operation and capabilities. The most rapid changes have occurred within the past two decades.

The technology that mobile phones used saw changes in 1990 when the first phone call was placed using digital technology. This resulted in not only more reliable but faster service as well. Another significant step in the evolution of mobile phones was the ability to make smaller batteries which meant the phones could be made in a more convenient size. As a result, mobile phones increased in popularity.

Another important change in the development of mobile phones was the introduction of different styles of phone. The flip phone was a popular model that used a hinge to join the two parts of the phone. By allowing the phone to fold up, it made it even more convenient to transport. A slide phone was another style that was marketed. The two sections of the phone actually slide on rails. The advantage to this configuration was the ability to reveal a full keyboard. This gave users the ability to use a keyboard without sacrificing a compact size.

Mobile phones began to have the capabilities to handle much more than voice data. This led to important changes in how they were used. Now, people could communicate with instant messages, text and email. Gradually, the phones holds enough processing power to have access to the internet at similar speed to those available at home which made them essentially like miniature computers you can take anywhere. With the stable and strong access to the internet via mobile phones, various opportunities have risen for the different industries, an example of the sector that grabbed this opportunity is gaming industry.

mobile games

The gaming on the mobile phone used to be very simple games such as Snake with very little (if any) stories,however in the recent times there are huge range of games available be it story rich HD games to simple puzzle games where you can compete with different players via online rankings. Some games can even be accessed via web browser as some sites are designed specifically for access from mobile such as mobile casinos in Canada allowing you to play various casino games.

Consumers have benefited greatly from the developments to mobile phones in recent years. When contemplating where the industry could be in the future especially at the current speed of development, it can be rather exciting.

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