Fake Business Promises Can Sometime be Deceptive

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In order to get good traffic in your website or to increase the sell of your product, taking a shelter under fake or false promises has now become, one of the most important trend to get worried. People are flocking in rows to get that product or some software to install by getting all exited after witnessing their promotional ad campaigns.

Nowadays it has become very easy to attract people by the help of an eye-catching advertisement. The trend of today’s world has changed a lot, comparing to the trends, which was in vogue. Taking the advantage of the modern trend regarding the ad campaigns, some companies are trying to make a fool of their target customers.

Bug Report of Software:

If you have to make a bug report of a software, the first thing you need to do is describing the whole problem of bug within the software. Then you have to provide with the bug id, area path, build number, severity, priority, respectively. Then there is a need for you to also mention the name of the person who has filed the report and also the date.

SkyECC Message Self Destruct Does NOT Work

People are very likely to judge various ads featured on TV or other places for them to see, thus there is a very high opportunity that they can easily get manipulated by the different companies, who are there to launch a great ad campaign. Nowadays there is a very high chance of people to get fooled by wrong information’s or incomplete information’s provided by a particular company. Even they are also started to give excessive information regarding a software or a product, which is not at all acceptable.

Wrong Information’s:

We all know that, today we are living in an era which is highly competitive. So there is a need for you to create a proper demand of your product or software in the market. Due to this reason, many companies has already taken a step to misguide us by giving wrong information’s about their products.

For example- It would become very impossible for us to believe that a well known health drink will provide your kid with all the necessary nutrients which your child need. Even the claim of making your child taller, stronger and sharper is also quite absurd to build a trust on it.

Incomplete Information’s:

Providing your target audience with an incomplete information’s is another crime, which a lot of companies are doing nowadays. By judging these incomplete information’s public are selecting a wrong product or a software, which they have been installed after learning all its benefits.

For example- A well known mobile company has launched a software loaded in their phones for destroying all the conversations between two people after a certain time. But in reality it didn’t work as it expected to do, on the other hand the restricted time of the device kept on changing when the other device is changing its time limit.

Excessive Information’s:

Giving an excessive information about your software or some other product is also considered to be wrong deed and it can also call for a legal action some times. The companies are trying to pull the traffic by manipulating with the mind of the people. But again , it can be allowed some times.

For example: A famous company of detergent powder has created an ad which seems absolutely absurd, when there, we can witness a guy wearing a white shirt, and the whiteness is actually affecting the eyesight of the passerby’s. The customer always know that this things will never happen but they can read the idea the advertisement is trying to say.

Following the trend of the day, a lot of companies are actually trying to make a fool of you. As you are collecting all the information’s from their ad campaigns, there is a very high chance for you to get a brain wash by them. But one thing, which should always be there in the mind of those companies that, their deed can sometimes become the reason for some legal actions, which they have to face.

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