Features You Didn’t Know About Your Smartphone

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In today’s modern lifestyle, communication plays a vital part of life and technology advancements continue to happen every minute across the globe. Smartphones are where these advancements are revealed out during communications. There are many advanced features and applications available on today’s modern smartphones that enables users to do everything just in a touch of the phone. In the modern scenario, people go to an extent of even ordering food by using smartphones. Smartphones could enable a user to make all sorts of payments that include taxes, bills and so on. Here are some interesting features of smartphone that many people are not aware of:

#1. PC/Webcam Features

You could use your phone in conjunction with messaging applications such as Skype, Google +, Yahoo, Aim, Windows Live Messenger, and so on. Also, Wi-Fi applications for video chat could be downloaded.

#2. Scanning Devices

Scanning, in any form, such as your tax receipts, bills, barcode checks for prices, business cards, bank checks that needs to be deposited, your passports, may be individual or bulky scanning could be done through apps that is being installed in your smartphones. Some apps include TurboScan, WorldCard, CardScan, etc.

#3. Remove Stuff from Your Wallet

Most women prefer to carry a heavy wallet with all kinds of cards to keep up to the society’s prestige and their ego. But it is always preferable to keep your wallet light without much of card related information and transaction statements. There are many apps that enable you to store credit card information, allow you to shop online, provide you updates about membership and discounts in regular intervals and so many other related features. Some examples of such applications include, PayPal Mobile and CardStar.

#4. Entertainment

There are many apps for entertainment that has been famous in the market and those that most of us have been using.Apart from this, yet another entertainment feature that many of us are not aware of is the live TV option that has been introduced in smartphones. This option is where the user could subscribe to a network provider and watch live TV on his smartphone. The mechanism here is that the entertainment network works with the telephone network and provides the signal for a live relay. Like a dish or any such network service, there are particular apps that are available to watch particular channels like MLB Sports, etc. Apps such as netTV or TVUPlayer aid you in viewing and enjoying the experience of live TV.

#5. To Identify Things

Many of us have an issue in identifying objects. For example, you might see an individual, but unable to recollect his/her name; or you would have seen a famous landmark; but unable to find where it is. In such cases apps such as Google Goggles are helpful. This works on your smartphone and helps you unveil the identity of what you have seen. Just snap the photo and Google Goggles takes care of the rest, helping you find the details. It helps in identifying objects, products, famous landmarks, stores, images, celebrities and so on.

#6. Mobile Hotspot

There are many smartphones that allow you to set up a wi-fi network. This helps you to connect to multiple devices. Usually 5 to 7 people can use it at the same time. This enables you to access your iPad or laptop without any external peripheral device or routers. This is helpful for travelers to access their mails on the go. Here the up charges are indeed slightly high but the quality and signal strength for your internet connectivity is far better anywhere, anytime.This enables you to access your iPad or laptop without any external peripheral device or routers“, not add a new word.

These are some features that many of us did not know about our smartphones. There are many other interesting apps that could be used on smartphones. Some examples would be apps that help to book flight tickets, ordering food online, checking out for deals and offers in super markets, ordering groceries online, check out movie tickets and book for a show and so on. There are many innovations that are being made day-in and day-out to create new and interesting apps for smartphones and enhance user experiences. It is technology advancement that keeps the innovators on the gear and come up with new ideas for creation and promotion of these apps. Every user must ensure to try and attempt to use new apps and relate it to latest experiences to other users. Let’s all try and make things simpler with smartphones and allow us to do anything, anytime from anywhere and enjoy our modern life.

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  1. I think the best feature in the list is the hotspot. It always comes in handy when my WiFi drops and I need to use the internet on my laptop. Plus, it’s definitely one of the more ‘hidden’ features since a lot of people tend to be unaware of it.

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