Five things you should know about the LG Optimus 3D

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The new LG Optimus 3D phone is one of the first of its kind, offering a 4.3in 3D screen to go with its ample power and performance. So what are five things you should know about the LG Optimus 3d?


The LG Optimus 3D has dual lens for shooting its well acclaimed 3D video and pictures. The twin 5 megapixel cameras record two separate shots of whatever you’re viewing and through the power of technology turnsthem into a 3D wonder for all to gaze in awe at. The LG’s cameras are capable of recording in 720p in 3D and 1080p in 2D – lots of choice.


All of the technological wizardry of the LG can’t be powered by a horse and cart, it needs power. It’s got that power from the dual core 1GHz processor underneath its attractive skin. This chip is more than capable of running the phone without even the slightest hint of lag. The phone also comes with a capable 512mb of RAM and can store up to 32GB of memory for all your multimedia pleasure.


Obviously the mainfocus with the new LG is on the 3D capabilities. The new LG’s 3D handling abilities are fantastic. Sitting in front of it and looking at the screen is amazing, especially without the need for glasses. The parallax screen really does create the floating impression you get with 3D films. The fact that you can record photos, pictures and view films and games in the medium is thoroughly impressive. You can also turn off the 3D and use 2D if you feel the need.


The new LG’s 4.3 in screen is also a very good offering. The colours are vivid and it works well when showing either 3D or 2D footage. The screen is perhaps not as sharp or bright as the LG NOVA screens but is definitely one of the best out there.

User Experience

Using the LG is like any other phone, its Android 2.2 feels fast and responsive and there are no issues with the interface. Its dual core makes for a speedy machine and there are few LG tweaks that really take away from the very good Android 2.2.As an added bonus, an upgrade to Android 2.3 is expected soon, which will no doubt make the experience even smoother.

The LG is a fine phone with more to offer than just these five notable things, though these are the most apparent.

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