Has Apple lost its core?

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So people waited and waited for the release of what was expected to be the most anticipated gadget yet useful of the year, made by a company who are well known all around the world, who? This is what Apple kept from us, the new IPhone 4S, with not telling what would the newest features or design would be.

Everyone couldn’t wait to hear and see that it would be, after years of products from the iPod to mac books, iPhone to iPad that were amazing, they made their first let down gadget, the unveiling of the product wasn’t done by Steve Jobs since he resigned but the new CEO,Tim Cook, who took over from Bill after he decided to resign after being confirmed with cancer who sadly died on the 6/10/2011 from cancer, but there was no beginners luck since it wasn’t the best start to the job but he should get back on his feet after the unveiling of the iPhone 5 (hopefully), saying “the outside is still the same as the iPhone but the inside is different” we thought maps? New tech? Nope, all it is, is a iPhone with faster speed, voice recognition and apples answer to blackberry messenger the Imessanger.

Most people aren’t going to upgrade their phone with their contract since it was that bad, deciding to switch to Apples main competitors like Android or Blackberries, but the people who are doing that, getting the newest android smart phone are making big mistakes buying them, ill explain why in a minute.


After Apples catastrophe could be an a disadvantage to sales of the new phone but actually raising the sales of the old Iphones, think about it, every new iPhone equals a cheaper old iPhone it happens every time Apple realises a new updated product, also since the relase, they are planning to scrap the old ipodclassics, it’s only a matter of time until the touch screen iPods start to go.

The most disappointing thing about the new phone has to be they still have not changed the main issue everyone else has with old phones, the glass, more than 60% of people have cracked or smashed the glass because it is so easy to break, even the iPod touch had a non-glass based cover which has proved that it is more durable but just as easy to see.

Most companies are giving away old iPhones in contracts since the release while usually you had to pay for the phone and contract, my advice get an iPhone 4 not 4S, it will make a dramatic decrease it would cost for a new smart phone.

Apple have really messed up this time and hopefully will recover for the realise of the iPhone 5 or if that fails of course the new iPad but instinct tells me that the iPad will be just like this but nothing will happen until least a year, so the best thing to do is buy an iPhone that has slightly less speed and downloads and you can save 50 to 60 pounds, good deal if you ask me.

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