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About Rovio Entertainment:

Rovio Entertainment was established in the year 2003. Rovio Entertainment is a media company of entertainment. The entertainment industry was established in Finland and turned that industry for the significant employer. Rovio wants to create something that should be innovative and he also welcomed new ideas and suggestions for the improvement of the industry. The Rovio Entertainment is the creator of globally successful franchise Angry Birds.angrybirdspartytips

Angry birds are an entertaining puzzle game and became famous throughout the world within a short period of the release of the game. Around 8 blockbuster games have been launched so far like Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Friends, Bad Piggies and Amazing Alex. The first game has been introduced for Apple’s iOS in 2009, December which made this Apple’s App store to a top level. The fevers of Star Wars are grabbing all the gamers throughout the world which makes the fever to ride high as the latest updates of the Angrybirds365 has been introduced.

Angry Birds 365:

The latest update of this Angry Birds 365 is available for iOS, PC and also for Android Google. There will be an increase in the number of platforms who will avail the game in coming days. The walkthroughs of the games are live which can be found in the internet. In this two bonus levels have been introduced which comprises of Star Level 8 that needs 480 stars with Droid 7. These are hidden within the twenty levels and the designer of this game thought to elaborate the game. Game enthusiasts considered to have a copy of bonus level guide in order to add the recent updates which have to be delivered in Angry Bird 365.

A New Combination of the Game:

Many experts have felt that the game Angry Birds 365 will be loved by most of the people especially for those who are not tired of playing this game. The combination of all the excellent features of the Angry Birds forms the interesting part in this Angry Bird 365. This combination made the game more interesting and all the players will enjoy a lot. Another important feature of this game is that a new enemy has been introduced in this game and is given a name called Mynock Pigs. The enemy will be cut with the Light Saber and rest of the birds. This game can also be used in the phone that has Windows 8.

Many new features have been added to this popular game and the providers have already decided to update their guides and posts about the characters which will be easier for the players to play the game. Many interesting games will be launched by the Rovio Entertainment which will attract most of the game lovers in the world. If you want to look at the new updates of this game you can browse the websites such as www.rovio.com  or  wikipedia.com through which you can learn about the game and even you can download from the website.

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