Hello Kitty Online: The World of Hello Kitty Games

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Hello Kitty is the adorable little kitty mascot from Japan that many girls have come to know and love in recent years. Hello Kitty has been around for ages, it seems, displayed on merchandise, made into toys, and even starring in a TV series and music album. This little character has been a huge hit with little girls everywhere, not just in Japan but in all areas of the world. And now she’s taken the online world by a storm, with a huge selection of Hello Kitty games for girls featuring the character and showing her adventures.

If you love to play online computer games and you love Hello Kitty, then finding some of the best places for these games is a great idea.

Hello Kitty Dress Up

Girls almost always love dress up games, and when you combine that with a favorite character like Hello Kitty and friends, it’s a winning formula that girls are sure to love. With dress-up Hello Kitty games, you usually create outfits for Hello Kitty that are seasonal, themed, fun, outrageous, attractive, or creative in a variety of ways. The best thing about dress up games is that they allow you to express yourself and try a huge assortment of combinations, something that can keep many girls busy for hours at a time.

Hello Kitty Adventures

There are also many Hello Kitty adventure games available to play for free online. For example, there are games like Hello Kitty Birthday adventure—which mix in elements of the fashion games with an story line and an adventurous twist. Then there are others, which are more arcade-style where you race characters from the franchise, go bowling with the characters, and aim for a high score in various ways.

Hello Kitty Coloring

For small children, especially those with artistic interests, Hello Kitty coloring games can be a world of fun. You get to add life and color to the extremely adorable art of hello kitty, and it’s really a great way to express your creativity and create something special. You can often save your masterpieces to your desktop if you want to keep them for later, something that many girls will enjoy being able to look at afterwards.

If you love Hello Kitty, then you can delve further into the world that Sanrio (Hello Kitty’s creator) has made for fans everywhere. Check out more Hello Kitty games on various gaming sites and Hello Kitty fan communities.

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