Hot ‘n’ Happening Design Trends To Develop A Hot Shot Mobile App Of 2016

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This new tech space has gone crazy about mobile apps, as people are bewitched with these fancy yet quite helpful devices. With such a huge crowd using these mobile devices, Mobile app ( 1,900,000 active apps in Google Play) have all of a sudden become the food for communication and recreation.

If you also feel the same, then you can follow the trends to become a hot shot in the mobile space.

#1. User Experience is the main focus

Wearable devices are surging, and this is the reason we development company have shifted their focus on to mobile app development. As per a report from Global Web Index, there are 8 out of  10 internet users now use a smartphone and speaking of wearable (which is a newbie in technology)  there is one out of every ten people who are using wearable devices.

As we are well aware of the fact that people prefer mobile devices more than the desktop devices to browse the internet. Which means that mobile devices will penetrate more into the market and will see a considerable growth in the development world.

Moreover, UX has now delved deeper into creating a distinguishing image of their websites in front of the users.

With the proliferation of a new type of devices in the development world, people are now focusing on minimalistic features and are focusing more on rendering more updates to the users. The focus has now shifted more towards in-app advertising and making the work flow on app seamless. Analytics is another concern that helps the developers to get more user experience.

There is a new user experience award for which is conferred to websites that render incredible user experience.

UX Awards

 #2. Scroll through the pages at once

Now you might be wondering that Scrolling is a bygone trend, but it’s not. It is not the platonic scrolling, though. However, considering the tenacity of this trend we need to have something different that can ensure some distinguishing feature in this trend. Innovative scrolling has now emerged as a savior for those who need to present a lot of things on mobile devices. Do not irk your hard earned users by making them put efforts to reach the next page. Scrolling has revolutionized the way people browse the internet.


Well the award for a long scrolling website has to go to Beyonce’s official website and not because you get to seek incredible pictures of this damsel but the website runs smoothly.

#3. Skeuomorphism is back with a vengeance

image -3

Though we had already bid adieu to skeuomorphism, as it is aptly said that old is gold, we are all set to welcome it again.  More importantly, it has been speculated that it is back with a vengeance and all set to groove the mobile development world.  The sole reason it has gained a re-entry is just because it invigorates your web design and gives it a vintage look to your mobile design which is what we certainly do not get in almost in all the web designs.   Skeuomorphism has emerged as a reckoning force in the field of creative design.

#4. Design as a core skill

When we are talking about the designing, we know that everyone has some of the designing skills. In this challenging technology space, you need to be highly competitive so as to match pace to this highly competitive web space you need to push the envelop to deliver excellence. The history has ever since become quite a leading design leading trend.

In the upcoming years, it can be speculated that various enterprises will apply to apply a premium on design kills.

As we are moving towards the progressive phase of web development, we need skill sets that can set your development apart from all the other web designer present out there. To deliver highly competitive web designs, you need to need to design core skills. Moreover, to apply your ideas smoothly, you need to have a knack for designing, and this will eventually make you a better storyteller and facilitator. It has been noted that enterprises in the coming years will be applying a premium on designing skills and there will a design training to their budding designers.

#5. Subtle Colors


Colors are something that has a very strong impact on users, and this is the reason you need to pick quite subtle colors that can grace your website. Though one cannot say that a particular color is in trend and thus, you need to adopt as this would be certainly very uncreative. Moreover choosing your hues a lot depends on the type of service provider you are and what kind of audience you are catering.  There is also sentimental and religious anathema attached to colors, and this is the reason you need to make sure you pick the right color for your audience.

Speaking of the trend, we can say that the colors people now prefer non flashy colors, or you can simple colors that render sophisticated and minimalistic design.

#6. Interactive design

Interactive design implies that the apps are focused more on delivering a comfortable and engaging experience to the users rather than just designing a flashy web design. The feisty competition has resulted in delivering some of the greatest design trends, and interactive web designs are one of them. This not only lures your customers towards your app but makes sure that they will return and will also give your app a word of mouth among your kith and kin.

image -5

When it comes to interactive designs then I think that have done a great job.

#7. Gamification

Well, I am certainly bored from the Platonic we old web system, and I guess we are looking for something more. Gamification has emerged as one of the most reckoning force when it comes to mobile app. Several famous brands have adopted this trend and has also been credited to bring in a lot of web traffic to the mobile apps.

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  1. Good info.

    But I think Skeuomorphism has dead. But I’m not sure, it may be back with improvements.

    Keep the good work!

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