How to build quality links and improve android app visibility: ASO Guide

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What is a Quality Back-link?

A quality link is the one that is related to your app topic or website and that has an authority for Google (we can measure the App Authority (UR) Domain or Authority (DR) with a-hrefs tool).

The more and the better links that point to the URL, the better this URL will be positioned and more authority this URL will have.

How are these web backlinks built?

They are built with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and look like this:

<a href=”URL“>ANCHOR TEXT</a>

Here is URL the URL that we want the link to point to. It in this case, this URL can be of any mobile app on App Store or Play Store:

  • Apple App Store:
  • Google Play Store:

The text of the link itself is called the ANCHOR TEXT. For example, my text links to any video game on Google Play, and its anchor text is “my text”.

But all backlinks are not text, we can also link from images.

What is ASO (App Store Optimization):

The main target of ASO is expert resource application related to improving the grading of mobile applications directly on app stores. Moreover, it increases the number of downloads and ratings on Google Play Store, App Store or Windows Store. The main mobile phones for which apps are created are iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is also called Mobile App SEO and App Store Marketing.

The objective of ASO is mainlyapp downloads, but additional goals can include:

  • Increased brand exposure.
  • Positive app feedbacks and ratings. ­­
  • Audience captivation
  • Supplementary marketing channel diversification.

As in today’s world the use of mobile devices has increased globally, ASO may be the strategy you need to prioritize.

Understanding the ASO:

App store optimization is likely more common approach to your online business marketing than you may think at first.

App stores are basically a type of closed site search engine, which in turn rely on:

  • App content discovery.
  • Indexation.
  • And, app ranking algorithms are tied to:
    • Perceived app quality
    • Freshness
    • Brand scale
    • User value signals (e.g., feedbacks, ratings, engagement)

Just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimizing for your app’s visibility is a constant ongoing process.

When you build an app, your goal is to operate traffic. With a commitment to ASO, consistently tracking and measuring the results and performance,

You can stand out in the App Store and Play Store where you have limitless reach.

Organic Optimization in ASO:

The main ingredient that is missing from many ASO marketing delivery approaches is the organic search optimization.

Lots of the search engine optimization tricks that work for SEO gains can also be also directly applied to ASO.

Examples of this include:

  • Name of the app, its title, and URL optimization.
  • Keyword research for ASO.
  • App rating and feedback/reviews generation and handling.
  • Deep linking within mobile apps.
  • Indexation of Apps in Google SERPS (search engine results pages).
  • Click through rate (CTR) optimization.
  • And many more!

How to build high quality backlinks to your Android app:

As we already know that all the links that point to our application can help us both at the SEO and ASO level.

Now the questions is, how do we generate links for our mobile app or game? Here are the ways to build qualitylinks and improve the visibility of any app:

1.     Link to your app from your website:

It may seem very common, but if you have a website or a dedicated page for your app, include its link to your app or apps to this page. The more and the better links your website receives, the more authority it will have and therefore, the apps linked from this site will be given more authority. If do not have a website for your application then don’t waste your time and start building one. 

2.     Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is the best platform for marketing now a days. You just have to create profiles on social networks and link that profiles to your app or your website (that, in turn, should link to your application).

You can create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Slide Share, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Most of these links are “no-follow”, but for a better “link profile”, we have to have some no-follow backlinks. The “link profile” is the total set of links that is received by an app or a domain.

3.     Press release for Media:

You can take a chance by creating a press release and send it to media (general and specialized). If you are lucky then someone will publish it, and it is also possible that some media will include a link to your app.

There are some media agencies that are responsible for these types of tasks. If it meets your budget then this option might be a good option for you.

4.     Event Sponsoring:

Sponsor or collaborate with an event in your region and get a link from the event’s website to your app on Google Play Store or App Store. The websites the conduct events and conferences usually receive media links and have better authority.

5.     Speaking at an event:

Become a speaker and talk at the society and get a link from that society or event website to your app.

6.     Write a guest post:

Start Partnership with other apps or websites from your region, and you can write guest post on their blog.

This guest post on their blog will usually include the links to the author’s website or the application itself. A guest post can be of any type.

You can share your experience of creating the app or managing it, interesting data about your app, hacks of growth in the market and many more.

7.     A Spectacular infographic:

Infographics have a great probability to become viral, so if you prepare an interesting content, filled with data, tips and discoveries, in a form of infographic, then include a link to your app.

People and media are expected to share this kind of content, and it will help you by gaining more mentions and backlinks.

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