How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock – A Guide

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Apple is one of the best electronic  company in today’s world . Security and good  hardware parts is the main usp of Apple. As of the new Apple iphone 7 we all likes all the products of this grate  company. Any type of apple product has many security  features and icloud is one of them. Though some time it becomes problematic to the users . Many times the user forget the password of icloud , and face problem to login. Some times the user wants to bypass the icloud. For this kind of end user requirement we have numbers of  icloud unlocker tools in internet .

Now you have a question, Is it safe to use such type of third party software’s in a costly product like iphone? Or is it allowed by Apple? It is well known that Apple does not like any type of third party software. Also this type of software can hack your private data like bank details. So We suggest you if you really need to bypass icloud then go with the best. Icloudunlockertool is one of the best icloud unlocker tool in the market. The software is designed by five young but experienced software developers from United States.

In late 2014 this software icloud unlocker was created and till date it is running with zero negative review . You can download this software form the official website Once it is installed you can  simply bypass icloud activation lock on your iPhone.

Now you may have some questions , Why you will use this speific software when there are many more sofrtware available in the market? The answer is simple, it’s features. iCloud Unlocker works on each and every Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV or any iOS Firmwares including iOS 10. icloud unlocker also can be use on Windows, Mac or Linux. Third and lastly this Tool is completely free. Previously  iCloud services asks money to unlock.  Not anymore, now you can bypass icloud lock for free!. In short, the main reason of behind it’s popularity is that it is very simple to use, you can bypass iCloud activation within minutes, safely and absolutely free.

How to use:

The way of use the software  is very simple. First you have to download iCloud Unlocker on your computer. It is malware free download , though you can scan it with your anti-malware application if you have one. Once it is installed,  connect your device through iTunes or USB Cable and wait for iCloud Unlocker to connect to your device. After the tool is connected, user will be able to chose his device model and submit IMEI number. After the IMEI is entered, wait for let iCloud Unlocker to do his job. After few minutes you can bypass iCloud activation lock and able to login with your Apple ID.

Now you are ready to go. For more details you can contact the official website of you can search in the internet.

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