How To Get The Best Quality Prints With Your Printer

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We all know ways to save ink when printing by using low quality settings and grey-scale printing, but what about when you want to get the best quality prints? Lets go through some of the thing you can do to get the best from your printer:

Optimize Whatever You Are Printing

If it is photos you are printing then try and use high resolution images, preferably TIFF instead of JPEG. If you are editing your images in photo editing software before hand, switch to CMYK mode for an accurate representation of what you will be printing.

Set The Print Preferences

Before printing your documents you will want to set the document properties. Make sure you set the document or image to print the right size, if your printer allows it then select the correct paper type, set the print quality to the highest possible and select the orientation that you want.

Choose Your Paper Wisely

The choice of paper can be important, it all depends on what sort of document or image you are printing, but if you are printing photos then get some photo paper. The manufacturer of your printer (e.g.: HP) will usually recommend what paper you can use for the optimum quality. You may even be able to select the paper width to match that of the paper you are using.

Choose The Right Ink

Ink can also be an important factor when printing quality images. Some printers will take special photo black ink cartridges that will print better quality images with deeper and more vivid black colours.

All of these things will improve the quality of your prints. Other than the above, the printer you are using will affect the quality, so if you have a photo printer then even better.

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