How to Manage Issues of Your iPad or iPhone?

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Mobile has become an integral part of our life, and without which we cannot walk even a single mile. I am sure, in the present day world, nothing is as much irritating as when the things go kooky on your iPad or iPhone. Despite being its ultra-modern tech, the app of your smartphone can suddenly get frozen or you may find that its keyboard is not acting properly. In such a situation, what will you do, especially if it happens at the end of the month when your pocket is almost empty? That’s why, today I am here to help you with some awesome tricks which you can use to troubleshoot those issues.

#1. Shut down the app:

It may sound too simple to you, but this is the one thing which most of us forget to do. Busy people while working on their mobiles sometimes open too many tabs side by side. If they don’t get information on the one, they jump to the other, without even closing the previous one. Tapping the home icon two times consecutively or swiping up on the iPad with four fingers will let you close the app. Now find out which app is disturbing and take it up to the topmost part of the mobile’s screen. Again tap the home icon to land to the home of the cell phone. Now reopen the app and you will find that you can work on it smoothly. But, if it doesn’t work, close the app again and jump to the next trick.

#2. Delete and reinstall the app:

Delete the app which you find is not working and install it again. You can delete it by holding your finger on that particular app so that it starts to wiggle. Tap on the close sign to delete the app. A message will come up asking you whether you are sure about deleting it for which you have to reply in positive. Touch the home icon to stop the wiggling of the apps of your iPhone. Now to reinstall it, kick to the app store and after that go to Search. Write down the app’s name which you have deleted. The app will appear with an arrow pointing downwards and an icon of Cloud. For downloading and reinstalling the app, tap on the Cloud icon. However, the new generation iPhone 6 has been designed in such a way that you will generally not face these kinds of problem with it.

#3. Restart your iPad or iPhone:

If you find your iPhone 6 is not charging when you turn on the switch after plugging the charger, then restart your phone after closing all the opened apps. Hold the sleep and the home button until the Apple icon comes up on the screen of your smartphone. Release the two hold buttons as soon as the Apple icon appears. Now, check out whether your mobile is charging this time. If not, then there is definitely some problem with the charger. Do not delay and replace it immediately.

These above-mentioned tricks can save you a lot- in both time and money. Therefore, practice these tricks, but do not ignore taking your mobile to a service center, if the issue is serious as it can damage your costly iPhone for good.

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