How to Recover Deleted Photos and Files on a Mac?

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mac-logoMac is quite different in many ways when you compare it with the Windows platform. A person who’s used to work on Windows will find it little difficult to handle Mac. The major difference is in terms of interface, which is little different from Windows and it may take little time for you to get adjusted to a Mac machine, especially if you’ve been a Windows user for over a decade. You can also find differences with respect to the file system used in both hardware and operating systems on Windows PC and also Mac PC. Despite all the differences, there are several things that make both the operating systems very similar to each other.


The major similarity between both the operating systems is with respect to the file access systems. Windows makes use of pointers to get better access to the files and also to retrieve the files from their relevant locations. Like pointers in Windows, the file entry in Catalogue records the deleted file. However, in such cases, using better Mac recovery software will help to recover the deleted files.

Recover Deleted Photos

Mac is one of the preferred operating systems for software professionals and professional photographers these days due to the fact that it offers better support for photography, and it also helps in easy editing and uploading of photos.

iPhone software is considered as the standard feature in Mac and it is a liaising way of storing and arranging photos with different tags. However, all other features here are used if and only if the images are transferred in a proper manner from the hard disc onto the MAC.

Recover Deleted Photos and Files on a Mac

Preventing Data Loss

In several cases, photo loss occurs whenever user tries to copy the images from memory card onto the OS. Photos may get lost at the time of copying and the copying process will be incomplete because of the power shutdown. In such cases, users can certainly download the best photo recovery utility and also recover the deleted files on the operating system. You can see all the images in the trash window present on the iMac computer – left sidebar.


Other Recovery Methods

Another method that is advisable here is to make use of 3rd party picture viewer for mac for recovering the removed files.

You can find both paid and free software versions on the internet to download. Most of them have user interfaces, slick visuals, and powerful algorithms that can restore files to the former state.

After you download programs like this, you need to install it and allow the same to run on the directory where you stored the files. Before you run it, make sure that you specify the destination folder, so that the program can dump into the thing that you found in the scan. In such cases, you don’t need to worry about recovering the deleted files present on Mac. In order to view the recovered images from your PC, Photo+ is one of the ideal photo viewer for Mac and it can turn out to be resourceful in many ways.

Author Bio – Jolie Fulton is a researcher, who works on disaster management. As a part of the research, she has published several articles present on Mac file recovery software along with tutorials describing steps for recovering the deleted files present on Mac.

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