Make The Most of Google+; Avoid the slip-ups

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Google+ may not be as old as other social networking sites but it has certainly made its place with the users. Those who are having a habit of social networking sites may find Google+ a different ball game. Here are some useful tips that you can avoid on Google+ and use it safely and effectively.

  1. Picture Yourself Wisely: Having an incomplete profile without any pictures or display picture is a big no on Google+. Since it is all about followers and having a big circle, you must put all the information wisely so that other users can connect to you. From introduction, a personal picture, tagline and contact are prime information that must be shared to stay socially active.
  2. Contribute to your Google+ account regularly: As you know Google+ is a social network site, you must interact with everyone. It may be via your regular posts or the one that have links, comments, or photos of self, business, friends, must be a routine to keep everyone updated about what all is happening in your life. It’s all about popularity on social networking sites and since your posts are regularly updated you will have much better connections along with ever-increasing numbers. In case you don’t have time you can have a posting schedule or even get the services of expert individuals but do remember to be consistent.
  3. Selecting the Google plus circle: On Google+, the user can customize and choose who can view their comments and posts. This greatly benefits those having business associates as well as friends on Google+. Once you post, opt for which circle the post is targeted and your work is done. Remember that different individuals have different interests and needs so choose your circle wisely.
  4. Link your web page with Social networking sites: Often, as targeted, fake social contacts were always available to confuse the consumer, user or friend. Once you link your business website to the respective Google+ page you are helping yourself and are keeping fraud at bay. The social networking pages are important for reputation in the market, brand awareness and also updating the followers.
  5. Do Not Be Self-Obsessed: Once on a social networking site, gaining popularity is the real focus. Attending to other’s posts, commenting, liking must come naturally. It’s not good to ignore if anyone else have tagged you in a post or a snap. Active participation on Google+ will lead to bigger circle, more followers in the end.
  6. Add links but write about them too: If you love sharing the links your like, web pages about your business, or a self-written blog, a new update it’s not worthwhile to share it without a caption. A note or a little introduction to the link will not only help get more clicks but better visibility and less neglects.

These are a few points if followed religiously will, for sure ensure you have a strong social presence and enjoy the limelight on Google+.

About Author: Santosh Gautam is a regular blogger in many communities and he is connected with lots of internet niche blogger and also loves to share their unique and informative ideas in her blog. He is expertise in to article writing. In her spare time; Santosh loves to play video games with her children. She is a big fan of Manchester United. You can easily connect with her G+ | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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