Mastering the Art of Bevel Cutting

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Most industries that use the bevel cut on a regular basis have to complete the process numerous times each day. They do claim that practice makes perfect, but there are a lot of variables in melding man and machine for the perfect mastery of bevel cutting. The X97 beveling machine by Pull-X is only one of many quality designed sheet metal machinery items that makes metal fabrication easier and produces high quality results.

#1. Importance of Bevel Cuts

The bevel cut is considered a standard in preparation for a strong and durable weld. The angled cut allows for a strong weld on items that will be holding a lot of weight. Ensuring that this is done right is both a matter of future safety and functionality of the item being manufactured. There is no doubt that a true, clean and correct bevel cut can make all the difference in the outcome of the project.

#2. Man and Machine

The X97 beveling machine is made of durable materials that can keep up a product feed of 6 to 12 feet per minute. The results are consistent and clean each time. This machine is easy to use and takes a lot of the guesswork out of getting the right angle, feeder speed and more. Anyone with at least a little experience in fabrication will find this machine easy to use and adjust for the specific job at hand.

#3. Choosing the Cutter

Choosing the right type of cutter is made easy with the X97. There are three levels of serration available. Fine is the perfect grade for small angles and small projects. Medium serration is the most commonly used cutter. It can handle nearly job you need done. Course serrated cutters are reserved for large angles and heavy metals. Each cutter is manufactured out of hardened steel alloy.

#4. Thermal Free Cuts for Clean Metal Edges

The X97 is a thermal free cutter. There is no heat involved in making the actual bevel cut. This means that each cut will be professional, clean and ready to use immediately. There is no delay in the assembly process.

The X97 beveling machine from Pull-X Machines is a much needed item in any true fabrication shop. The cost is affordable and performance is second to none in ease of use and clean cuts. Contact Pull-X Machines today and make your fabrication life easier!

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