Mobile App Development Helps Small Businesses Compete

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As our mobile devices get smarter and more powerful, mobile app development specialists are creating ever better ways for these devices to improve business outcomes. Companies such as Software Developers India are leading the pack on this effort, but GOMobile Solutions has begun to stand out from the rest.Mobile App DevelopmentFounded in 2009, GOMobile states they are “the industry leader in providing modern marketing mobile solutions including mobile apps, mobile optimized websites and local market search optimization services,” and their goal is to provide “a simple and effective app solution that levels the playing field for small businesses, giving them equal access to technologies and providing the capabilities to take advantage of the new mobile economy.”

Relevant, Practical Mobile App Development

Customized mobile applications from GOMobile offer a number of benefits to small businesses.

  • Build customer loyalty by offering discounts whenever customers use the app.
  • Send instant messages, also known as Push Notifications, to announce new products or news. Studies show that push notifications get are opened and read 97 percent of the time, while only about 10 percent of emails are viewed.
  • Customers can leave timely feedback on products and services you offer and instantly share your site via social media.
  • A mobile app gives your small business the credibility of larger competitors and shows that you’re way ahead of the curve.
  • Powerful analytics let you track your daily, weekly and monthly app downloads so you know both how often and why people are connecting with you as you adjust your marketing strategies.

True Mobile Websites

Most websites will show up on a mobile device, but unless they’re mobile optimized they won’t look or function as they were designed to. The bad news is that over 90 percent of websites are not mobile optimized; the good news is that sites created by GOMobile Solutions are not part of those statistics.

Customers who visit a mobile optimized site on any mobile device will get what they want as fast as they want it without jumping off to another site out of frustration.

Track Local And Mobile Search Results

Small businesses tend to be local businesses, so it’s important that potential customers can find a company through a local online search. GOMobile has created a technology called Local Mobile Domination (LMD) that helps businesses rank as high as possible on local search result pages.

Listings that rank first on search pages tend to get just under half of the total click-through traffic, so ranking high can make a huge difference in the life of a small business.

As a relatively young start-up business, GOMobile Solutions understands that small businesses need a little extra assistance to compete with established organizations, and mobile app development is becoming a proven strategy for success.

Let Software Developers India help your small or large business succeed with great mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

About the author – Sakshi Sharma is working as mobility strategist at SDI and author of this article. She loves blogging and has vast knowledge on Mobile & Web app development. She can be reached at or call on 408 802 2885. For more details Please Visit or Follow SDI on Google Plus to learn more!

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