Movavi Video Converter Review

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If you were able to convert videos from one format to another, what would you do with your videos? Many people don’t realize it, but being able to convert videos is actually very useful and will allow you to:

  • Convert formats you aren’t able to play to formats that can be played.
  • Optimize your videos for specific devices or platforms.
  • Reduce the file size of your videos.
  • Convert videos to more universally compatible formats before sharing them.

That’s really just a hint of what you could do – but the point is: Converting videos will open up a lot of options including things like being able to copy movies to iPad. Of course if you’re going to convert videos you’ll need a video converter and the Movavi Video Converter should be an excellent place to start.

The reason why the Movavi Video Converter is so popular is in no small part due to its user-friendly approach. While the commonly held assumption is that converting videos is difficult and technical, the Movavi Video Converter takes pains to ensure that it is as straightforward and does not require any prior experience with videos or technical knowledge of formats, video settings or codecs.

Suffice to say – you should be able to pick up and use the Movavi Video Converter with no problems whatsoever.

Make no mistake, for all its simplicity and ease of use the Movavi Video Converter also packs a punch in terms of features – some of the highlights of which include:

  • Ability to convert all types of media files including audio and image files too.
  • Complete video editing tools to enhance the video quality, cut and combine video segments, insert customizable text or even crop or rotate the video.
  • Create animated GIFs out of video clips.
  • Extract audio from video files to be saved as audio files in any format.
  • Hundreds of presets that will tailor the video format, codec and settings according to any device or platform under the sun.

With these features, you should be able to not only convert your videos to whatever format you need – but also produce videos that are of the highest quality. All the features are just as easy to use as the software as a whole so picking it up and starting to use it shouldn’t be a big issue.

Give it a try whenever you have some time and you’ll see just how user-friendly and yet powerful the Movavi Video Converter can be. Be sure to use as many of its features as possible to get a better feel for each one.

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