Multiple Advantages of Mobile Ecommerce

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In the recent past, a rapid shift of trends has been witnessed as far as the technology of e-commerce is concerned. After computers, mobile phones are seen as the perfect means of online trade. A mobile device offers a stupendous degree of portability and ease of availability. With over 430 million worldwide, smart-phones have become a common asset. This has made mobile ecommerce a viable option. Apart from smart-phones, PDA’s and internet tablets are also other handheld devices that can be used for online buying/selling.


Mobile ecommerce can be easily provided using WAP or more prominently using a dedicated app. This app can be installed directly on the cell phone and differs from platform to platform. These applications are perfect means to provide platform-specific portal of commerce. For each website, a dedicated app can be made available that would thereafter make the shopping procedure simplified and easily accessible.

Multiple Advantages

  • Availability: The best feature about mobile ecommerce is that it is available even when a person is travelling. Using mobile ecommerce, you can buy any commodity or asset you require, at any given situation, time and place, as long as you have your mobile phone.
  • Instant buying: Instant buying is another advantage of mobile e-commerce. A personal computer may not always be available when you need a product or service. Thus, sales definitely get declined due to lack of an instant medium. Mobile ecommerce fills this marketing and e-commerce void by providing an instant checkout and payment gateway service.
  • Combo marketing: Retailers can reach for the mobile users using mobile messages and can invoke sale opportunities. If e-commerce application is installed on mobiles, consumers don’t need to give second thoughts. As a business owner, this can help you to target niches that are most likely to buy a particular product you offer.
  • Increased traffic: Another advantage of providing e-commerce is that it can be used to usher in the much needed online traffic. People like to surf through their smart-phones and if you generate an app of your website, then each time a user runs the app, you get the needed traffic boost. The easy usage of these apps leads to repeated visits of people to your website.
  • Fast loading: Since mobile applications don’t have too many unnecessary details vis-a-vis their web versions, they can be used in a shorter span. They load fast as they are developed in a simpler framework and use fewer web components. This way you get easy-to-load content that can be surfed in a jiffy.
  • Ease of navigation: With the touch interface, navigation is simpler in mobiles as compared to laptops or PC’s. Hence, searching through and pitching sales through mobile devices is easier for customers.

The recent surveys have evidently prove that around 47% of the people who installed mobile ecommerce apps have made an online purchase and 13% have made use of promo codes and mobile coupons. Hence, providing mobile ecommerce service is must for any online business as it can bring in significant traffic coupled with immense sale opportunities.

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