Organize Your Day-To-Day Activity With Software Applications

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Do you feel that your life is not organized? Being organized is very important for a successful career. There is no need to be upset with the unorganized life, if you have a computer. No No! Computer is not all that you need, you also have to install programs that will help you out in organizing your stuff. Confused? Let us dive deeper to make it clearer about the software programs.

Google Calendar:

This is a program rendered by Google, which is absolutely free. You do not have to worry about missing out on the important meetings or presentations or a business party, if you are a Google Calendar user. This application can be accessed from anywhere, using any web browser. Not only, you can put in all the appointments, but also you can set reminders alarms.

If you’re a desktop appointment calendar user of Microsoft’s Outlook, then you do not have to worry about syncing it with Google Calendar, as it supports almost all calendars. You can also sync Apple and Blackberry calendars.


If you are irritated about managing multiple things, such as—e-mail accounts, messages or contact lists, then Thunderbid can prove to be helpful. It is a free e-mail desktop program that can be downloaded to do multi tasks for you. It can manage your e-mail account, organize your messages and maintains an Address book. This Address book doesn’t only contain the contact details of other users, but it also saves the contact details of the organizations.

This program runs on Linux systems, Windows 7 and Mac OS X.


Evernote has both desktop and web based elements combined. This application helps you to create notes, save them and if needed, you can share them with your friends or any other user on the web. It allows you to develop notes, save web pages and store photos or audio memos. You can avail free and paid version of Evernote. Paid version comes with an annual subscription of $45.

Evernote runs on Windows 7, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Cute Reminder:

You may have innumerous small and big tasks to do, in a day. Often, you tend to forget many small things, which may take only several minutes. You can use Cute Reminder to set the reminders internally in the calendar of this application via its access panel. It will then remind you of your task, without interrupting your regular work.

Cute Reminder comes in three versions—Personal, Professional and Enterprise. Price ranges from $30 to $60. It only, runs on Windows 7.

With lots of items in a to-do list, it is impossible to keep everything in mind. These are few of the easily available programs that can keep you satisfied about organizing all the threads and accomplishing all the tasks.


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