Role of E-Commerce in Society

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Almost everywhere you go, you’ll see quite a lot of trading establishments offering different sorts of goods for reselling to people. Not even far from where you are standing right now, you will come across an establishment, whether owned by a reputable company or a few business-minded individuals. Entrepreneurs find these activities as a means of having a good source of living, while consumers see it as a convenient source of different kinds of goods, from the basic necessities to luxury items. These enterprises certainly have a positive impact on different people whether as traders or consumers, to the communities and to the nation as a whole.

Commerce will always thrive in every society. By taking advantage of the innovations that the ever changing and developing technology is able to give, there will always be a better means of catering to people’s needs. New models of sophisticated machineries will be procured by establishments that will facilitate their operations. Modes of transportation will be enhanced to speed up the delivery time of goods. And with the innovations in the internet technology improving its connection speed, mobility, accessibility and reliability, this too, will be extensively used by traders in reaching out to their markets.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce pertains to exchange of information relating to business transactions, through the internet. The information could be sought after by prospective or existing customers, suppliers, retailers and wholesalers and the information could be about the nature of the product, price, terms of delivery or quantity of items being requested.

Different types of business are involved in e-commerce. They could be online resellers, auction sites, music downloading sites, and much more. Considering the prevalence of the internet among people with different lifestyles, more and more consumers as well as business owners are turning to this medium in procuring or serving a needed item.

Role of E-Commerce in the Society

E-commerce affects the society in several ways:

1.       E-commerce encourages entrepreneurship among people and generates income opportunities – E-commerce makes it easier even for ordinary people to put up a business that is online based since there is no large capital required. In addition to this, it is more convenient and faster to conduct business transactions online. This way, people can easily have a good and decent source of income that they can rely on whether for their source of living or as an additional family income.

2.       E-commerce generates jobs – In spite of the advancements in computer and internet technology, additional manpower will still be necessary in keeping up with the growing demands of customers. Customer service tasks that involve answering specific inquiries and attending to an unusual request are among the jobs that only people can accomplish. Although several software and programs can be downloaded to simplify tasks, intervention of human employees will still be necessary to operate these programs. However, what’s advantageous with being employed in an online business is, employees are normally not required to report to an office location. Since the business is conducted online, chances are great that the nature of the jobs to be assigned is mostly internet based too.

3.       E-commerce serves as an easier way for the retailers’ products to reach consumers regardless of the location – The internet serves as an easy access to a business’ line of products through their websites. No matter where the business’ head office is located, people can view their products arranged categorically at any time they want and at the convenience of the customer’s homes. The internet is also a means of different modes of communication that can connect even people who are on the opposite sides of the world. Because of these advantages, people can have a faster and more convenient means of buying an item. People can also have a chance to avail an item that can only be bought from a different city or country. Therefore, e-commerce serves as a way of purchasing products regardless of location.

4.       E-commerce improves the nation’s wealth – Since e-commerce provides an easy way for consumers to purchase an item, demand tends to increase which subsequently increases production. A thriving manufacturing industry can also contribute significantly to the national income by creating jobs in manufacturing plants due to the increase in production.

5.       E-commerce facilitates international trade – As mentioned earlier, products can easily be offered and sold even to consumers form different countries thereby, promoting export activities.

6.       E-commerce increases traders’ profitability – Since e-commerce allows carrying out a lot of transactions through the internet, businesses can save a lot from their costs. Advertisements that are very expensive if publicised through TV commercials, magazines or newspapers can be done through the internet for free or minimal charge. Cost of fuel is fast rising but entrepreneurs who conduct their businesses mainly online do not have to be bothered by this since they can operate the business through their home computers. In addition to that, a lot of time is also saved from travelling to and from the business location while enduring heavy traffic. More time left for business also enables entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their goods and service that will delight the customers.

Final Thoughts

More and more consumers are embracing the thought of buying stuff online while businesses to see the internet as a way to alleviate their sales rather than a threat to their tangible stores. Since the internet technology is continuously evolving at a fast pace with the development of different means of internet connection such as the business broadband connections, mobile internet, Wi-Fi connections, etc.,  the roles of e-commerce in the society will increase and create better impact to people’s lives and to a whole nation.

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