Rubik’s Slide offers 10,000 puzzles-Gadget

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Rubik’s Slide combines the simplicity and fun of casual games with

fast-paced, brain-busting cubing. Players begin each puzzle by checking the goal pattern and then sliding the lights into the correct pattern by twisting and shifting the top panel. (Much like the slide or “fifteen” puzzles from years ago). Once the puzzle is solved, Rubik’s Slide will advance to the next puzzle.

Featuring more than 10,000 puzzles, Rubik’s Slide includes two different types of play. Players can see how many puzzles they can solve in Free Play mode or race against the clock to complete a series of 10 puzzles before time runs out in Lightning Round. Rubik’s Slide includes multiple levels of difficulty with easy, medium and hard puzzles built-in, so anyone can play. The electronic game features vibrant light and sound effects, adjustable volume control, and high score memory. Batteries are included. Appropriate for players ages 8 and up, Rubik’s Slide will retail for $17.99


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