Safely Carry Guns and Accessories to the Shooting Range

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When you are headed out to the gun range for practice, gathering all of your equipment and packing up the car can be a chore. In some cases, it can take as long to get things safely packed as you’ll spend at the shooting range. Using a gun carrying case is ideal, especially for shooters with multiple firearms and ammunition types.


Even though guns have safeties on them, those safeties can malfunction in transport or at any time without notice. A carrying case for your firearms is safer than individual holsters or just the device’s safety being on. Some carrying cases can hold multiple weapons, ear protection and ammunition. This allows enthusiasts to carry multiple firearms safely to the shooting range.


It is convenient to have all of the necessary equipment for the firing range in one case. It is less trips to the car for equipment and allows you more time to enjoy shooting practice. The cases easily fit in your vehicle’s trunk or backseat. Firearms of the same size can be stored in multiple-firearm capacity cases together. Transporting the cases is simple with the sturdy handles that are on the top and situated in the center of the box.

Inconspicuous Storage

If you wish to keep firearms in your home safely, keeping them in a case with a lock is ideal. While gun cabinets are available, they are often in plain sight and can be broken into if the desire to obtain the firearms is enough. Firearms can be stored in a locking case that fits in a closet and looks like a power tool case or toolbox. It is a good deterrent for curious children or house guests. Some designs allow the carrying case to fit underneath a standard bed frame for an absolutely hidden storage option.

With the multiple uses and reasons for having carrying cases for your firearms, it is ideal to have an option available for each gun type in your home. Rifles require a much larger case than handguns. In most cases, four pistols or handguns can be stored in a single case. The cases provide safety, convenience and storage all in one item.

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