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versus-s3As opposed to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5 has been released just a while ago. The people at The apple company were generally delighted for the 2 million pre-orders they had (with 1 million more than the pre-orders created for the iPhone 4S) and they began to advertise their item a lot. We know that Android-running cellular phones have been outselling the iPhones for a while now… do the People in the u. s. declares still think they have a opportunity at the front side of Samsung?

The Southern korea Periods (the earliest English-language paper in Southern Korea) became world-famous due to its near connection with some of Samsung’s workers. Their correspondents discovered out that the Koreans at New samsung are going to release their new Galaxy S series smart phone in Feb 2013, at Mobile Globe The legislature in Spain’s capital. This quite excitement us if we think that the Samsung Galaxy S3 had a self-hosted occasion, and that system handled to accomplish 10 million revenue in less than 55 times. According to some correspondents of The Southern korea Periods, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available all over the globe somewhere in April 2013. Again, difficult to believe, if we think that the Samsung Galaxy S3 required almost two several weeks to accomplish that.

The cost tag for a product new, basic Samsung Galaxy S4 would be of $629.95. The no-contract edition of the iPhone 5 is $649 in the United States of The u. s. declares. But does it value it? Let us evaluate the gadgets and discover out ourselves.


The style of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will probably be just like it’s forerunner, the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, the sides will be small to be able to allow a broader display to fit in, and the primary actual key will appear reduced as well. The shades in which this item will be available are: dark, white-colored, greyish, red and red. From our perspective, this is quite essential as the clients may choose one shade instead of the unique grayscale.

The iPhone 5′s style is generally just like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Basically, the people at The apple company went for a broader display and the same business-like, serious style. Unfortunately, the very new iPhone 5 is available only on two colors: grayscale. In our viewpoint, at this area New Samsung Galaxy S4 is the separated champion because of the extensive range it gives you.


When it comes to the display, the people at New samsung created the decision that it would be a wise decision to create it broader. So, the Koreans selected one 5.0 inches display (with 0.2 higher than the Samsung Galaxy S3) with a quality of 1080×1920 Complete HD and 440 PPI. The technological innovation used for this display is the Pentile Extremely AMOLED technological innovation, also used at the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Note II. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2, again, just like the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Returning to the iPhone 5, the people at apple will use the same old LED-backlit IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen display with 16 million shades and 4.0 extensive (with 0.5 broader than the iPhone 4S). The display provides a quality of 640 x 1136 p, it functions a solidity of 326 PPI and is secured by the first creation of Corning Gorilla Cup.


The conclusion? New Samsung Galaxy S4 display is with 1 inches broader, has 440 PPI instead of only 326, and it’s secured by the second creation of Corning Gorilla Cup, instead of the first, so is more unlike to be damaged. Why would we select some strange quality display like iPhone?


Regarding the components, the New Samsung Galaxy S4 functions one 2 GHz Quad-Core Cortex A15 processer, 2 GB of RAM storage, and of course, world-wide available LTE Relationship, again, just like the Samsung Galaxy Note II. When it comes to the video cards, the Koreans created the decision to go with Octo-core Mali T678 GPU, while the SIM cards technological innovation used will be nano-SIM. The unit will be available in 3 different editions, of 32, 64, 128 GB, while the rear-faced photographic camera will function 13 MP.

Returning to Apple’s iPhone 5, this one functions one 1.2 Dual-Core processer, 1 GB of RAM, and the The apple company A6 chipset. The people from The apple company created the decision to go with the PowerVR SGX 543MP3 (triple-core graphics) video cards, and with the nano-SIM technological innovation as well. Just like the New Samsung Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5 is available in 3 different editions of inner memory: 16, 32 and 64 GB. However, the Apple’s iPhone will not function a 128 GB edition. The unit will function one 8 MP rear-faced photographic camera, which produces a quality of 3264 x 2448 p and another front-faced photographic camera of 1.2 MP.

Our champion, is obviously the New Samsung Galaxy S4, because it’s 2 GHz Quad-Core processer and the 2 GB of RAM storage.


Now this is the best part! As some of you may be familiar with, gossips said that the New Samsung Galaxy S4 will function the Android operating system 4.1 JellyBean. Not true! The new Galaxy S series system will come with the Android operating system 4.2 edition, known as Key Calcium Pie. This new Android operating system edition will come with a lot of new and useful functions. Let us talk about them a bit!

The “Customization Center” will allow clients to execute a whole extensive range of projects, like modifying wall picture and ring-tones. That would be its primary function. Next to that, the Personalization Middle will also have de option to allow or turn off OEM UI overlays like HTC’s Feeling or Samsung’s TouchWiz. That is an example of the people at Search engines hearing. Users began stressing of those since when when the producers created the decision to implement them.

Another whole new function of the Android operating system 4.2 it is known as “Templates”. This will generally allow clients to modify the structure and overall look of UI components, and will provide the likelihood to implement Instagram-like filtration to their UI.

Returning to the iPhone’s iOS, yes, it has also a lot of new functions, but the reviews obtained from the clients is not quite beneficial. Again, we’re going to let New samsung win that too.

Final Words

Due to the factor that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 won each and every fight against Apple’s iPhone, we think that our option is more than obvious. All in all, we would sure want to know what would you select is you were to, so please let us know in the viewpoint area right below!

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