Schooldays are back, thanks to Android’s class applications

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With the emergence of mobile phones, the lives became simple. Innovation and advancement made technology better to give more comfort. The smart phones and tablets reveal that the area of application has only grown for betterment. The versatility of technology has supposedly brought joy to classrooms as well. The February 2009 launch of Android 1.1 and subsequent updates has equipped tools with added features and benefits. Android, which is a powerful Operating System, can support a large number of applications.

There are many applications supported by Android recently. With passing time, improvisation has taken place to provide effortless applicability to users. You can select one which can help you organize yourself in your studies. Or you may use another to simply connect to your friends anytime.

The A+ Timetable is one such application to find. It enables you to organize your daily schedule. The color code available gives you distinct and easy view. The timetable can also be exported to JPEG format. Other features include text-to-speech recognition, home screen widget and many more.

Another one is Share Your Board. This can save you from tiring copying from the teacher’s board. The application has text recognition for easy organizing, even after class has ended. You can edit the notes and save on your friend’s effort by sharing it. Share Your Board can also be much helpful if you could not manage to collect the notes from the classroom due to some unavoidable reason. It is not limited to capturing notes. You can capture any important idea, anywhere. The image angle, lighting or the whiteboard type is not a problem. Share Your Board’s image management enables the user to work in diverse situations. There is provision for bug fixing.

The OverDrive Media Console lets you access audio books from several libraries. You can listen to more than 13,000 libraries worldwide by using the application. The ‘Get Books’ feature enables you to locate a library nearby. The OverDrive Media Console lets you browse the library’s digital collection on the web. A valid library card allows downloading the title directly to the device. The possibility of any late fee is removed as the countdown clock inbuilt keeps track of the duration until expiry. This application offers you timeless books. You shall probably find yourself reading more than ever before with the assorted collection.

Then there is a tracker for keeping updates on notices, homework, grades, etc. The simple to-do style list provides you constant follow up for course overview or assignments. Feature also includes custom assignment types and grade weight.

The Documents to go can help when working on numerous formats like Adobe pdf or Microsoft excel, word, etc. It is also helpful for college students working on term papers. This application allows accessing documents remotely. It can work as a mobile office, removing the restriction which the unavailability of your laptop may pose. This application also gives you a list of book information like cover art, publisher, ISBN, etc. The free BibTeXLib feature builds you bibliography. It is a bibliography manager for Android. You can keep track of what you read.

The gFlash is another free Android application which enables you to test yourself with randomly generated tests based on your input data. It can be customized with images and more. However, the gFlash can ask for expertise. It can work best for college students or teachers in creating flash cards.

There are many other applications meant to help and ease off tasks. Getting one installed in your gadget can enhance its productivity. So before you plunge into the technicalities of technology, you are already utilizing it. Be careful to choose the right one according to your needs. You may not want to indulge yourself in too much of technicalities to have discomfort.


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