Soothe The Soul With White Noise – Three Android Apps That Help

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There are way too many stressful events and disruptions that occur in our everyday lives, thanks in large part to the modern way in which we live. From cell phones that never cease to alert us to new activity to the hustle and bustle that comes with a daily job, these events can slowly but surely leave us with lots of stress and very little tolerance for anything else. Unfortunately, stress causes much larger problems over time if not addressed appropriately. Oddly enough, the same aspects of life that can lead to stress – mainly via technology – can also be used to help relieve these effects. In the case of mobile applications, a variety of them now exist that use concepts such as white noise to help melt away stress and leave our minds at ease. If you have trouble sleeping or otherwise feel too tightly wound, continue reading to find out about three Android apps that utilize white noise to eliminate these problems.

Chroma Doze

Whether you have noisy neighbors, are in a crowded room or simply want to doze off, the fact is that multiple sounds and background noise can often distract you and prevent your stress levels from decreasing as they should. One of the best things about white noise is that it can be used to drown out these distractions and also provide stress relief with a range of different frequencies. The Chroma Doze application for Android devices allows users to quickly customize their favorite patterns of noise in order to melt away stress and wind down after a hard day. If you are at the office, you can also use the app with a pair of headphones to block out distractions that may come in between you and your work. Available on Google Play, Chroma Doze can be downloaded for free.

White Noise – Rainy Day

Perhaps one of the most relaxing natural noises, rain can be a therapeutic cue for our bodies to unwind and relax (after all, our bodies know that rain means that you cannot accomplish much outside, where we as humans spent most of our time in eras past). The White Noise – Rainy Day combines the positive effects of white noise with rain sounds in order to help users achieve maximum relaxation and soothe the soul. If you feel stress accumulating throughout the day, then throw on your headphones and enjoy the dozens of customizable tracks available with this application. You can download the ad-supported version from Google Play for free or find the full version for $1.99.

White Noise

With more than 40 different audio sounds and a built-in alarm feature, the White Noise application can be downloaded for $1.99 from Google Play. This Android utility can help users relax and sleep better through its customizable features and easy to use interface. Multiple sounds can be mixed together and saved as favorite tracks for later relaxation, or used as your ringtone or alarm clock. The built-in alarm will gradually activate and awake you slowly, which is much better than a loud noise all of a sudden. If you want to relax, sleep well at night and wake refreshed, then the White Noise application is a great download for you.

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